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ASC FT Match is March 24 @ 930am  


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2018-03-15 22:07:51  

Good evening everyone, 
This is just a reminder that the next FT match at ASC will be Saturday, March 24.  Come on out for a 50-60-shot match on 10 lanes in the woods placed from 10-55 yards.  We’ll have 3 targets on most lanes and will use the archery tower again this time, so continue practicing your offhand shooting in the wind.  As always, we will have water and a community air tank.  The only reason I will cancel the match is if it rains or snows on the day of the match; I will keep an eye on it.  I will send out an email to everyone if that happens.  Come out and join us.  

Gates will open at 8:00 for sight in and sign up. 
Safety meeting at 9:15. Rifle match to start at 9:30.

All rifles must be in a case or rifle carrier when moving between lanes. 
Please note that it is a club rule that all shooters wear appropriate EYE protection. We don't have extras so remember to bring your own. 
Members $5, non-Members $10 
Please let me know if you plan to attend 
Arlington Sportsman’s Club is located at: 11500 County Road 525, Mansfield, TX 76063 (Also called Lillian Road)

If you are free on Friday around noon, I would appreciate any help to setup the targets on the course.  Helping setup could earn you a free entry for this match.


Jeff Cloud

ASC Match Director

Jeff Cloud

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2018-03-26 21:18:22  

FT Match Report Arlington Sportsmans Club 03/24/2018 

The Arlington Sportsman’s Club held our monthly Field Target rifle match this weekend.  This is the nice weather season in Texas, and the 15 shooters that showed up were rewarded with warm temps and a nice breeze for the match.  Thanks to all of you who attended today.  The match was 60 shots over 11 lanes today, including 2 standing lanes (one on the archery tower, the nemesis of many shooters).  We recently ordered and received 8 new targets from Rhino Target company and put them to use immediately.  Thanks to Terry, Jim, Chris, and Jerry who helped setup the course, and thanks to everyone else who got it all taken down and put away quickly.  The Troyer rating was 30.4, with an SD of 6.05, average KZ 1.14 inches, and an average target distance of 31.5 yards, including 37% of the targets beyond 40 yards.  No one cleaned the course this month, but Mike Vredenburg came damn close.

We had a quick shooters safety meeting, squadded the guys together, and got started on time.

We had only one new shooter today, Vance Lowe shooting Open PCP, and with a score like his I officially took him off the rookie list by the end of the match.  Vance said he has been shooting Precision Rifle and that skill seems to have transferred very well to Field Target.  All of you Open PCP guys better look out for Vance.  For all of you that couldn’t make it out, you missed a great match in great weather with a bunch of great guys.  (That’s Great3) I really encourage you to come back out when you can, and to anyone who hasn’t ever shot Field Target, this is my open invitation to try it.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a suitable air rifle yet, we can pair you up with someone to share a rifle with, or we can loan you a rifle for the match.  You really have no excuses not to come out and try this.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and there were good comments about the course layout; we didn’t have any cold lines which is always nice.  At the end of the match, we turned in our score cards and tallied the scores with Mike Vredenburg posting the match high score of 58/60 in Open PCP. First place in Hunter PCP was Bob Dye with 55/60, first place in Hunter Piston was Jim Clarke with 41/60, first place in WFTF Piston was Jeff Cloud with 53/60, and finally first place in WFTF PCP was Matt Sawyer with 46/60. View the full list of all competitors’ scores and equipment below.

As I always say every month, thanks to everyone who joined us at the match and also helped take down the course.  You have no idea how much I appreciate your help to take down what takes me and a couple of others hours to setup. We will have our next match the 4th Saturday in April but be sure to attend the Dallas Field Target Club match on April 14.

180324 ASC FT Match Scores

Shooters pictures

IMG 3550
IMG 3556
IMG 3554
IMG 3558
IMG 3553
IMG 3551
IMG 3557

See you at the next match,

Jeff Cloud

Field Target Match Director

Arlington Sportsman’s Club

Jeff Cloud

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