Airheads Of Maine M...

Airheads Of Maine Match? Attn: BillDay  


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2019-06-08 16:16:34  

Hey buddy whatya say, are you putting on the match next Saturday?

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2019-06-09 06:55:56  


I, Vasyl and Chas (carpooling) are planning attending your match. We need some info on the practice and match start times on Saturday.


Bill Day
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2019-06-09 07:26:09  

John and Leo,

Yes, I will ne having my annual Affta match on the Saturday the 15th. Been a very busy spring getting the course set up but the hard work is behind me. Practice range will open at 8:30am and match will begin after the safety meeting at 10am. Hope to get more details out later this evening. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. What has happened to Matt Sawyer? Thinking he may of returned to Texas.


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