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2018 Texas Airgun Show FT Match Results (June 24, 2018)  


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Howdy ya’ll,

The Arlington Sportsman Club (ASC) in Mansfield Texas hosted the 1st Annual 2018 Texas Airgun Show Field Target match this past Sunday, June 24.  There were 32 competitors in all who came from 5 nearby and far-away states (AR, OK, KS, LA, and Texas.  Almost 2/3 of the competitors attended the match because they came to the Texas Airgun Show the day before, but we also had about 10 regular shooters participate.

Field Target at ASC is shot on our 3D archery course setup on 15 lanes among the Mesquite and Live Oak trees on the property.  Almost all of the lanes are sheltered in the trees, but a few cross an open area where the winds can swirl unpredictably, while others are quite dark. Being that we are in North Texas, the lanes are flat, so we make up for that shortcoming with a few targets in trees and also by shooting down from our elevated 12-foot archery tower.  I believe the tower is one of the most popular lanes based on the number of comments I receive every time we use it.  Hee Hee.

Chris and I set up the course Saturday afternoon following the airgun show; we were already tired and hot before we even got started.  The course of fire would be a 60-shot rifle match with 2 targets per lane.  We finished setting up about 7:30pm and headed home. 

Saturday morning was normal summer time (in Texas), partly cloudy with temps in the low-80’s that climbed to the high-90’s by the afternoon, and winds that varied from 10-20mph.  Everyone had time to get their rifles sighted in on our cozy sight-in range before the match started.  With so many folks who had never shot at ASC before, we had a very thorough safety, rules and etiquette meeting before we paired up and started shooting on the 15 lanes at about 9:30.  I grouped new shooters (rookies) with experienced shooters to guarantee the fun meter was pegged.  Representatives from Hatsan and Umarex shot with us using their company’s products and did very well.  I also loaned out one of the 3 club Benjamin Marauders (purchased at a discount from Crosman. Thanks!) to new shooter George Wells and he had so much fun that he promised to return next month.  There were 19 Hunter PCP, 5 Hunger Piston, 1 WFTF PCP, 1 WFTF Piston, 4 Open PCP, 2 Open Piston, and 1 Fun Rifle shooters.  I didn’t shoot this month, because as a good host I wanted to ensure that everything ran smoothly and all the competitors drank plenty of water.  The Troyer rating for this course after adjustment for wind was 28.4T with an SD of 7.0.

It appeared that everyone enjoyed shooting our course, even though it was hot, and many of the new shooters said they will come back to shoot here in DFW, because of the 3 local N Texas clubs and/or because our venue is more enjoyable than their own (some folks only shoot in an open range at a gun club). Jason’s Deli catered lunch after the match while we enjoyed a nice respite in the shade to refuel and rehydrate before heading out to take down the course. 

After lunch and after dismantling the course, I announced the top positions in each of the classes (see below).  After many congratulations from all of the participants, they slowly drifted off and got on the road for their homes near and far.

The finishing positions of the 2018 Texas Airgun Show FT Match are as follows:

TXAGS FT Match Results

You can all of the photos from the Airgun Show and FT match here: ( https://photos.app.goo.gl/9W3ZXkYtmpRPwBWH3 )

Thanks for coming to ASC, thanks to the volunteers who helped with the match, and congratulations to everyone who participated in this match and survived the Texas heat.

Jeff Cloud

ASC FT Match Director

Jeff Cloud


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