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2018 Oregon St. Championships & AAFTA Grand Prix July 20th (pistol), 21st and 22nd  


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2018-05-30 09:26:38  

Here is the registration form and info:

2018 AAFTA Oregon St.- AAFTA Grand Prix

Air Rifle & Pistol Field Target Championships

250 Neil Creek Rd, Ashland, Oregon

Pistol Friday July 20th   Rifle July 21th & Sunday 22th


Registration Form

Name__________________________________________  Phone ___________________


City______________________________________  State________  Zip_______________ Email____________________________________________________________________

Air Rifle/Unlimited Pistol____________________________ Pellet & speed___________

Scope___________________________________________  Ft. Lbs. _________________

Rifle Divisions

Open PCP ____                 Open Piston ____            WFTF 12fpe Piston____

WFTF 12fpe PCP ____    Hunter PCP____    Hunter Piston____   Unlimited Pistol ______

Air Pistol ____________________________Pellet & speed________________________

Scope___________________________________________  Ft. Lbs. _________________

Pistol Divisions- All divisions have a 12fpe limit 

Limited PCP ____  Hunter PCP ____    Hands only  ____  Basic Break Barrel Rifle _____


I ____________________________________ hereby release all the owners of the property and managers of the “Oregon St. Field Target Championships” field target event from any and all liability from any injuries, losses and any other liabilities that might occur before, during, or after the air gun matches at any Corp Ranch Properties, Ashland, Or. 97520


Signed by competitor___________________________________________  Date_______________


Cost is $65 if paid by July 1st, 2018, or $75 if paid after.


Send to:   Oregon St Championships 2018, PO Box 3180, Ashland, Oregon 97520

Match Director: Wayne Burns
Cell phone – 541-531-6926             email wayne@airgunoregon.com


Places to stay near the Venue

Oak Haven AirBnB (Ashland Air Rifles’ BnB) https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8070309?location=Ashland%2C%20OR%2097520%2C%20United%20States%20oak%20haven&adults=4&guests=4&check_in=2017-11-30&check_out=2017-12-02&tier_override=0&s=aV4jQ74T&irgwc=1&irclid=WTY2mR0RNzS03EqUQwTNXyTIUkmWlhSnuSkoUo0&ircid=4560&c=admitadGmbH&sharedid=240682&af=126295512


Cedar Wood Inn



Relax Inn



Super 8 Ashland



Flagship Inn



Windsor Inn



Holiday Inn Express



Campgrounds next door to the Venue

Glenyan Private campground


           2018 AAFTA Oregon St.  Grand Prix

Air Rifle & Pistol Field Target Championships

250 Neil Creek Rd, Ashland, Oregon

Pistol Friday July 20th   Rifle July 21th & Sunday 22th


All AAFTA Rifle & Pistol rules and classes apply.  See at www.aafta.org  The “Western Free Style” class will also be allowed.   In any matters arising and not covered by these rules, the Match Director’s decision will be final.


Emigrant Lake Campground has tent and full hookup site available, with flush toilets and hot shower available onsite.


Practice on sight in line for registered competitors, on Friday between 7am and 7pm.  Equipment inspection and FPE testing will be done before you get to sight in and during the matches at testing lanes.


NO lasers or separate range finding devices are allowed, (except for the “Western Free Style” class/squads), and anyone seen with a range finder on the course at any time before or during any of the pistol or rifle matches will be disqualified.





Safety Meeting will be at 2:45pm on Friday afternoon.  Match starts at 3:00Pm.  This will be a 42 shot course, 7 lanes, 3 targets per lane, with two shots per target.   Targets will be set from 10 to 35 yards and kill zones will be from ½” to 2”.  Timers will be given with the score cards.  Competitors are allowed 7 minutes to make 6 shots.  One lane will be standing only.  Note that this course is also open to “Basic Break Barrel rifles”, (if 3 shooters preregister), with 12 X or less scopes. 


Unlimited class pistols can shoot the RIFLE course and win separate awards if 3 shooters register.



Competitors can start sight in practice for the Rifle Field Target match at 7am.  Safety Meeting begins at 9:45am.  The match starts at 10:00am.  This will be a 52 shot course, with 26 lanes, two targets per lane, and ONE shot per target.  Timers will be given with the score cards.  Competitors will be allowed 4 minutes to set up, make their 2 shots and get their equipment out of the shooting box.  Two lanes will be standing and two will be kneeling.



Bring your favorite low power offhand rig for the afternoon and evening side shoots.



Competitors can start sight in practice for the Rifle Field Target match at 7am.  Safety Meeting begins at 9:00am.  The match starts at 9:30amThis will be a 52 shot course, with 26 lanes, two targets per lane, and ONE shot per target.  Timers will be given with the score cards.  Competitors will be allowed 4 minutes to set up, make their 2 shots and get their equipment out of the shooting box.  Two lanes will be standing and two will be kneeling.




Wayne Burns

Match Director - 541-531-6926

2018 Oregon St. Air Gun Field Target Championships


Registration forms:   wayne.@airgunoregon.com

Wayne Burns,

Match Director,

Ashland Air Rifle Range

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Wayne Burns
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2018-07-09 08:57:45  

We have enough shooters registered for both the Rifle and Pistol AAFTA Grand Prix.  I've ordered the awards.  We should have about 7 in Open PCP, 8 in Hunter PCP, 6 in WFTF PCP and 4 or 5 in a combined Piston Class.

It should be nice in the shade of the oaks on the Oak Alley course we are using this time.  I'm also planning on filling pot holes on the driveway, and improving the path and shooting boxes thru out the course.

Park along the fence or along the driveway.  The sight in will be next to the pistol course inside the fence this year.  We were too rough on the pasture last year.  Please stay inside the temp fences with ribbons and park next to the course along the fence or along the driveway on the way in.


Wayne Burns,

Match Director,

Oregon State 2018 Field Target Championships

Wayne Burns,

Match Director,

Ashland Air Rifle Range

Wayne Burns
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2018-07-12 11:35:43  

Here is the latest 10 day weather prediction.   Mid 90s and sunshine.. winds 4-7 from the NW.  The oak forest we will be shooting in is always 10 to 15 degrees cooler with the predominant wind coming off the irrigated pastures like natural air conditioning.   It's been very pleasant working on the course in the shade of those oaks!


I'm hoping to get my time with my excavator next week and I'll try to fix up the pot holes on the drive in, sightin area, shooting pads, and the main trail.

Come join the fun!


Wayne Burns,

Match Director,

Ashland Air Rifle Range

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2018-07-21 17:27:33  

Hope everyone is having a GREAT time!
I am sorry I had to miss this one.


La Pine, Oregon USA
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Jacob W Sumner
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2018-07-24 02:53:17  

Really great match I enjoyed seeing all of you again, and meeting some new friends as well! Thank you to Wayne, Randy and Chris for all the hard work on the course and thank you to Randy and Lori for the amazing food. We had decent weather but lots of smoke from the 160 +/- fires in southern Oregon. Tons more photos to come after I upload the rest to my PC and the official match report is out.


Wayne Burns
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2018-07-24 15:00:22  

Match Report - Oregon State 2018 Rifle and Pistol Field Target Championships July 20th thru 22nd.

The weather was amazingly 15 degrees cooler than predicted and 10 degrees cooler than that in the Oak Alley Forest we held the match in. Highs outside the oak forest were in the low 90s, but it felt like 75 – 80 on the course.   The skies were a mix of light clouds and smoke from the nearby fires.  Fortunately, the irrigated pastures that were cooling us off were also clearing up the air we were breathing.  Those cooler winds were 2-4 mph when we started, but had climbed to 6 – 10 by the time we finished.   They were coming from the NW, but switching 10 to 20 degrees toward due north on short occasions to the dismay of many shooters.

Saturday’s  Blue course was had 26 targets, 11 were past 40 yards, avg kz was 1.11 inches, and 30.96 in distance.  The course dev was 5.62 and avg diff of 31.12 T.  The hardest target was a 41.25T.  On the Yellow course for Sunday’s event 26 targets also greeted the competitors, 12 were past 40 yds, 1.18 inches was the avg kz, the avg dist was 31.65 yds, std dev was 6.29 and the course Troyer was 30.90  Hardest target on the Yellow course was a 44T.

The Pistol course had 20 targets in 10 lanes with and avg kz of 1.16 inches, avg dist of 19.6 yds,  std dev of 5.69 and course Troyer of 33T.  Hardest target on the pistol course was a 48T.

4 would be steel critter killers came from as far as S. Ca., but most came for central and north Ca.  We really thank all who took the time and spent the treasure to make the journey.

A total of 21 competitors challenged the winds, and 52 steel critters on the rifle courses, with two shots each Sat. & Sun.

Friday, the 20th, we held a 40 shot pistol match, followed by a Basic Break Barrel match on the same course after a late lunch.  10 shooters competed in the pistol match with 7 in the Hunter class and 3 in the Limited Pistol class.  The match was a tight contest with 5 shooters within 2 points of the of the overall victory.  Limited class saw the highest score with Scott Hull and Riz Marquez in a tie both with 36/40.  Scott won the shoot off, but they both will share the 100% GP points.  Cameron was right behind with a 34/40.  On the Hunter Class side, Randy Ebersole was only one point off the overall win, but squeaked out the Hunter class win over Scott Schneider by one point with 35/40 and 34/40.   I straggled in for a third place with 31/40.

The BBB match was a last minute thought for many of the 8 competitors with some sharing or borrowing a break barrel they never shot before to join in the evening fun.  Three shooters made a race out of it with the rest of us in their dust.  Mark Widert shared his HW 95 with Scott Schneider and they ended up as part of a three way tie with our local Jacob Sumner… all with a super score of 32/40.  Note, That’s Almost as good as the PCP pistols and piffles shot the course.

Saturday morning was a little rough for those of us who joined in the beer and whiskey Friday night… or maybe I’m only speaking for myself.  My cross hairs were wandering in my sitting shots like they normally do in my kneeling shots.  But, most shooters were having a great day. The targets preformed real well, with the only cold line from a string coming loose.  All the hard work Randy Ebersole and Chris Lovitt put in the weeks before paid off!   

Jim Whittlesey,  shot the high overall score of the day with a 48/52, Son Lu the second highest from WFTF 12fpe PCP, with a 47/52 and sweet little Jessica Kerndt kicking the rest of us guys butts with a 46/52 in open class nipping at the heels of JW.

Scott Schneider in Hunter Class and Gabe Lucero in 12fpe WFTF PCP were close behind with a 45/52.  Then John Knapp in Hunter class again, with a 44/52, and an amazing performance in Hunter Piston by Mark Weidert with a 43/52, which was also shot by Riz M in WFTF PCP…. (He might have joined in the
Friday nite whiskey fest come to think of itJ).  All these shooters had a good chance for the overall victory, and the prized 100% AAFTA Grand Prix points, depending on their Sunday’s results.

Saturday afternoon & evening, we enjoyed a fantastic wild hog rib dinner.  Randy got a friend from Georgia to send him 45 lbs of fresh frozen wild pork ribs.  What a treat!  They were so tender and lean.  Randy E is a great cook!  We all stuffed ourselves, but we still had lots left over. 

Sunday, we started early to let the travelers get a good start on their drive home.  The extra hour in very light wind, albeit varying, produced mostly higher scores for Sunday. 

Scott Schneider shot the high score on Sunday with an impressive 49/52 in Hunter Class.  Riz and Son Lu were right behind with 48/52 in WFTF PCP, while another WFTF PCP shooter, Gabe and Open class competitor, JW shot a 47/52.  That meant that Son Lu and Jim Whittlesey were tied for overall high score with a 95/102.  Both will get a 100% in the AAFTA Grand Prix.  Scott Schneider added another metal with a win in Hunter Class and a second high overall score of 94/102.  Gabe earned second in WFTF PCP with his 92/102 and Riz was close behind in 3rd WFTF PCP, with a 91/102.

Hunter class PCP was dominated by Scott Schneider, but a tight race developed for second between Jim Cyran and John Knapp.  John shot a great score of 44 on Sat. but had a tougher day with a 38 on Sunday.  Jim shot consistent both days with a 42 and 41 to edge out a 2nd over John by one point, so the MD from N. CA just beat out our elder match director from CASA in S. CA, who got 3rd.  (John, as the elder statesman he is, should get two extra points for driving from S. CA by himself) but alas the rules.

The Combined Piston Class was a pretty close match, but Hunter class shooter, Mark Weidert  aced out Cameron Kerndt in WFTF 12fpe Piston class with a 76/102 and 72/102 respectively.  Our own Jacob Sumner took 3rd with a 68/102 shooting in Hunter Piston class.

In Open class PCP, Jim Whittlesey won by a good margin with his tie for over high score of 95/102 and Jessica falling off a bit on Sunday, but still holding on for a solid 2nd in Open PCP with an 87/102.  Chris Merritt took 3rd with a 78.

After Sundays’ match, my sister Laurie served us up a great pasta dinner, we gave out the awards, took a group photo, and most folks got started home before 2pm.

Here are the details of the scores and equipment: (If the competitors provided the info).

Hunter Pistol:

Randy Ebersole – 1720T – 3-12x44 UTG – AA 10.34 @ 11.6fpe – 35/40

Scott Schneider – BSA Scorpion Carbine – MTC Connect 4-12 x – H&N 8.6 FT @11fpe – 34/40

Wayne Burns – 1720T – 3-12x44 UTG – H&N 8.5 sniper med @ 11fpe – 31/40

Jessica Kerndt – 1720T – Hawke 3-12 x – AA 10.34 @ 11fpe – 29/40

Darren Taylor – 1720T – 3-12 x44 UTG – AA 10.34 @10.5 fpe – 27/40

John Knapp – 1720T – Hawke 8-12x50 – CPL 7.9 @ 8.8fpe – 27/40

Lonnie Smith – Crosman 1700P – Aeon 3-12x50 – JSB 8.4 @ 10.5 fpe – 26/40

Limited Pistol :

Scott Hull – Marauder Pistol – UTG 3-12x44 – AA 10.34 @12fpe – 36/40 won shoot off, tie over all high score pistol

Riz Marquez – Thomas Air Pistol – 10x42 SS – JSB 8.4 @ 11.5fpe – 36/40 tie first over all high score pistol

Cameron Kerndt – Beeman AR 2079 – AirMax 3-12 – AA 10.34 @ 11fpe – 34/40

Basic Break Barrel

Scott Schneider – HW 50 – Clearridge 4.5-14x40 – JSB 8.4 @ 11.5 fpe – 32/40 won shoot off

Mark Weidert – HW 50 – Clearridge 4.5-14x40 – JSB 8.4 @ 11.5 fpe – 32/40 second in shoot off

Jacob Sumner – Benjamin Trail – UTG 4-16x56 – AA 8.4 @ 14fpe – 32/40 third in shoot off

Cameron Kerndt – Remington Express – UTG 3-12x44 – H&N 8.64 @ 12fpe – 21/40

Darren Taylor – Remington Express – UTG 3-12x44 – H&N 8.64 @ 12fpe – 21/40

Riz Marquez - Remington Express – UTG 3-12x44 – H&N 8.64 @ 12fpe – 11/40

Wayne Burns – Diana 36 – UTG 3- 9 -32 – H&N Sniper med 8.5 @ 10fpe – 11/40

Combined Piston Rifle Class:

Hunter Piston – Mark Weidert – TX 200 – Hawke 8-32x56 – JSB 8.4 @11.25 – 76/102

WFTF Piston – Cameron Kerndt – HW97 – TAC Vector – H&N 8.64 @ 11fpe – 72/102

Hunter Piston - Jacob Sumner – HW 97 – Viper 4-12 x44 – AA Express 7.9 @ 11.7 fpe – 68/102

WFTF Piston -  Lonnie Smith – HW 97 – BSA 10 -50 x60 – JSB 8.4 @ 11.8 fpe – 66/102

Hunter Piston - Darren Taylor – B 40 – Hawke 4-12 x50 – H&N 8.64 @ 13fpe – 61/102

Open Piston – Alan Hull – QB 58 – Monstrum 6-24x50 – H&N 8.5 @ 11.5 fpe – 53/102

WFTF Piston – Jim Poh – TX 200 – Sightron 10-50x60 JSB 8.4 @ 11fpe – 34/102

Hunter PCP Rifle :

Scott Schneider – Raw TM- 1000 – Optisan 4-16 – JSB . 20 cal. 13.4 @ 19.8 fpe - 94/102

Jim Cyran – Theoben MFR – S&B 5 – 25 x56 – JSB . 20 cal. 13.4 @ 19.2 fpe - 83/102

John Knapp – Raw TM 1000 – Hawke 8-32x56 – JSB 10.34 @ 18.3 fpe – 82/102

Al Padilla – Air Arms S500 – Aeon 4-12 x50 – JSB 10.34 @ 18fpe – 79/102

Chris Lovitt – Marauder – Sightron III – JSB 13.4 @ 19.5 fpe – 64/102

Open PCP Rifle :

Jim Whittlesey – USFT – Nikko 10 – 50 x 60 – AA 10.34 @ 19.8fpe – 95/104 tie for overall high score

Jessica Kerndt – Steyr LG110 – Tac Vetor 10-40 x – JSB 13.4 @ 19.8fpe – 87/104

Chris Merritt – USFT # 27 – Nikko 10-50x60 – AA 10.34 @ 19.9 fpe – 78/104

Scott Hull – Umarex Gauntlet – Monstrum 6-24x50 – CPH 10.5 @ 18.9fpe – 77/104


Son Lu – Steyr LG110 – Sightron 10-50x60 – JSB 8.4 @ 11.3fpe – 95/104 tie for overall high score

Gabriel Lecero – Steyr LG110 – Sightron 10-50x60 – JSB 8.4 @ 11.3fpe – 92/104

Riz Marquez – Thomas – March 8-80 – JSB 8.4 @ 11.5fpe – 91/104

Wayne Burns – USFT 144 – Nikko 10-50x60 – H&N sniper med. @ 11.8fpe - 80/104

Randy Ebersole – Thomas – Nikko 10-50x60 – AA 8.4 @ 11.6fpe – 74/104


My first thank you goes out to our range master Randy Ebersole.  He committed himself to clearing the 26 lanes of branches and briars which is no small task by itself, but then back with the weed eater to make sure no grass was in the way.  Then the walking paths were raked and groomed with the weed eater too.  Then, fresh paint and target testing for 3 days solid.   Then he insists on cooking a fantastic wild pork rib dinner for us… no wonder he was so wiped out by match time!  Squad mate, Chris Lovitt was right there helping Randy most of the time too. To help out each day, He has a one hour drive each way coming down from the home of National Bench Rest champions in Grants Pass, Or.  He is still finding out how much harder Field Target is than Bench Rest.  He’s the only one on the Bench Rest team that comes down to give FT a try in AshlandJ  Also, a big thankyou goes out to Jacob Sumner for helping out on the courses and covering the registration for me.

My sister Laurie and wife Christine also get love and appreciation for preparing meals Friday and Sunday.  Only those who host these three day Grand Prix events can know how many unpaid woman & man hours go into preparing and hosting an event.  But, that’s not all it takes.  It takes all the competitors who travel so many miles for so many hours taking time off work and away from their family.  It’s so important that we all do the best we can to attend these Grand Prix events the clubs work so hard to offer.  Thanks so much to all those who attend and do the hosting!

Be safe, shoot straight, have fun..  Who knows, you might win tooJ


Wayne Burns,

Match Director,

2018 Oregon State Field Target Championships

Hosted by Ashland Air Rifle Range

Ashland, Oregon

Wayne Burns,

Match Director,

Ashland Air Rifle Range

Jacob W Sumner
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2018-07-25 08:33:07  

Here are the rest of the photos. Some are out of order sorry I had uploading issues. Great shooting everyone, this was an amazing match.



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