FS: QB78 (etc.) drop-in FreeFlight Hammer Mod' and Power Adjuster kit  

Steve in NC
What it is...
An easily-installed, fully internal, and easily tuned Free-Flight hammer modification for the Industry Brand family that provides an adjustable length free-flight hammer stroke to reduce gas wastage from hammer rebound and after-shot valve reopenings.

1. Improves efficiency and shot count per fill by 30 to 50%. 
2. Drop-in,easily reversible installation. 
3. Easy adjustment and tuning without significant disassembly 
(accessed by removing QB endplug). 
4. Entirely internal. Invisible when installed. 
5. Compatible with both Cock-on-Close and Cock-on-Open. 

What it looks like...

Note: Spring not included.

View of adjustment screw from end of airtube, with endplug removed. It's easily accessed and twiddled with a 3/32" Allen. Clockwise = more power, Counterclockwise = less.

How it installs...

How it performs...

http://www.network54.com/Forum/113813/t ... and+Thread

How to order...

Price: $43 + $6.70 shipping (Priority Mail) = $49.70
Payment: PayPal (I pay the fee) 
Contact and PayPal email: pneuguy@hotmail.com

Note: If multiple kits are ordered to the same address, all can share the same flat-rate box, 

US orders only, please.

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Posted : April 9, 2018 19:10
Steve in NC

I recommend assembling the gun with the endplug omitted (it's really only cosmetic anyway) until tuning is completed.  Then add the plug.

Very convenient!

Posted : August 6, 2018 21:45


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