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Crosman pumper forearm and/or playing around with some scrap lumber  


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2020-04-02 23:14:49  

This forum doesn't seem to get much action/traffic but thought I'd try to at least do my part.   I like seeing what everyone else is up to.

I finally found the time to play around with some wood scraps I've picked up at the building material recycling center.   My first attempts at creating some forearms for my Crosman pumpers.   I figured if I started with enough of them, one might make it through the process.   I only lost one along the way.

I kinda like the blocky look so they may not be to everyone's taste but much more comfortable, especially in a carbine format.  Looks a bit unbalanced on my test fit subject without grips but with grips, it balances out.   Need to find that Crooked Barn breech I have somewhere and build this up.

Everything is scrap wood except for the ebony spacer in the one one with the maple tip.

IMG 2794 (2)

I also made a slim-line version of of curly maple but it didn't photograph so well in full sun.

IMG 2797 (2)

What's your favorite?   

Guess I'll have to try my hand at grips next.


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2020-04-04 23:29:19  

Really beautiful work there. I like he middle one best. Need my address to ship to me? But I will need a set of grips to match. Just sayin...😀😀😀😀


In all seriousness this may be a project I start for my 1322 carbine.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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2020-04-05 06:06:08  

I'm going with the the tiger stripe maple & walnut tip. I'm a sucker for tiger stripe maple.