1st post on the new forum! Airmax shoulder stock project begins....  


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2018-01-26 05:49:46  

I posted this yesterday on the old yellow forum but I figured I should re-post here in the interest of keeping it up for awhile...

Some of you will remember my post showing my concept design laid out on a piece of cardboard:

My first step was to cut out the basic two dimensional shape out of a chunk of black walnut that I've been saving for many years. There's a little sap wood at the pistol grip which needs to go so a contrasting grip cap will be just what the Dr. ordered to replace the wood that must be removed:

Next is my least favorite part of the job. Inletting the grip frame / action of the pistol into the blank. A couple of hours with a mallet and chisels and I was there:




Next was the task of getting the basic skeletonized look started by cutting away the wood from withing the outer dimensions. I opted to go with a completely open frame rather than split it up with a divider as was in the original cardboard pattern. This will reduce the overall weight just a little more:


Now the real fun begins. This is where I'll begin shaping the stock but that'll have to wait for another day as I ran out of time.

I'll post up again as progress continues. Hopefully you're enjoying the journey.



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2018-01-26 05:56:23  

Plan on getting one of these guns.  I have an idea for an adapter plate that allows for an M4/AR15 buffer tube and pistol grip to be used.  May post a gun for trade to see if I can get one.

Looks nice.  A compact backpack carbine.

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2018-01-26 08:26:15  

I've always admired good woodwork.

I have a nice blank, I just need a few more years to work up the courage to ruin it.

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2019-01-22 15:59:12  

Any updates on this project?

I have an Airmax too...


The picatinny rail attached up front is for a red dot sight, if so desired.



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