Homemade hamster knee riser for Benjamin Marauder gen 1  


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2018-02-07 12:28:54  

Here's my first attempt at a knee riser (aka hamster) for my Benjamin Marauder .177 gen 1.

I use this rifle for Hunter Field Target. I was having some trouble getting comfortable on my kneeling shots and needed to either grow longer legs or add a knee riser for some lift. HFT limits the height to 6" from middle of barrel, and can not be adjusted during a match. On a budget, I used some scrap wood, long brass screws and threaded inserts from my local hardware store, a few tapered plumbing washers, and some brass tubing. I wasn't crazy about drilling holes in the bottom of the stock for the threaded brass inserts, but bit the bullet (pun intended) and dove in. Originally I was going to use wood dowels as shown, but had the idea of metal tubing last minute.

I'm still adjusting to this addition, but it does make my kneeling shots more comfortable and more stable. Now I just need to get used to a slightly different hold on my standing shots. I may go back after some use and replace the base with a harder wood, and maybe even try a stained-to-match version. I may also try a different height by using shorter screws and tubing. 


Philip from NC

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2018-02-07 12:58:37  

Great job Philip,

I think it will help you with the lift on kneeling and standing shots.

Here is how I did mine out of red oak.

IMG 20180207 124455802
IMG 20180207 124201451

I attached small aluminum weaver rail to the stock and used aluminum scope ring to attach with screws to the hamster.

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nice job...

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well crap, something more to make for my synrod. lol, keep them comming. and great job