Easy, quick target sighters.  


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2019-10-27 12:55:19  

The NRL that runs .22 powder events has invited air gun use as well.  They allow any caliber air gun. I had not been to one and one was scheduled about an hour from my home. I was told if you are early you can set sighters by the  range targets to check zero and windage. All my range sighters are large and a bit cumbersome. I thought I could quick weld up some base plates with a riser to clamp cardboard to. Had other plans for the evening. Then I thought just use a clamp. Home Depot has these 3" pinch clamps that have enough width to withstand wind and clamp hard. May even survive several hits.

So I got six of them and a 16" cheap tool box for storage and it worked perfect. Had several people at the event compliment me on the simplicity and the best part was I didn't have to make a thing other than cut some cardboard strips. I use Shoot-n-C's but you could paste any target you want on the cardboard.

clamp d
clamp a
clamp b

As a bonus they will also hold my collapsible car antenna wind indicators. Before I held them with a metal base. Gets heavy with three of them so I can keep them with the clamps and have everything I need in one box.

clamp c

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I have always loved your target making posts. They are truly welded works of art,you are sooo clever.

This "simple simon" target shows ,once again, how you can think outside the box. I once had a tech college design professor tell us that the simplest design that gets the job done is the best. This idea is truly simple.

I still think your reactive target designs are also wonderful  Thanks for this idea so us mere morals who now can have a small,easy to transport,inexpensive,travel target kit.

Well done once again plurik!!

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Great idea. My hat off to you.  Craig

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