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DIY turret magnification.  


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June 1, 2019 20:24:29  

I'd been given these turret markers to quick find set distances. Spent some time at a 100 yard indoor shooting range sighting them in. Problem is I can't read them without glasses. So unless I removed my shooting glasses and put on my readers the markers were useless. I normally don't carry the readers with me anyway. My MTC scope has a neat flip up magnifier. Looked on line and overseas looked to have a nice option but I need the optics for this next weekend.

Ebay had a low end looking option as well.

Went to Office Max and bought a mini lit magnifying glass. Here is the box. I'd already cut up the magnifying glass by the time I took a picture.

glass a

It had a lower battery box that I cut off. That left a square lens with a three sided cover. The cover just slides off it you don't want the look. I took a narrow scope level bubble ring that was in the junk drawer and turned it upside down on the scope. Cut the bottom of the lens to match the shape of the ring and epoxied it to the ring half. Being narrow it allows for sliding it to get a focused view on the turret.

glass b

The camera didn't focus well but when I glance up I can see large clear readable stickers.

glass d

The black sides just slide off it you don't want that look. I could even trim the size down some. For now I'll leave it. Magnifies the numbers great!


I almost used a regular scope ring and was just going to cut the rail base off before I saw the sight bubble. Either way just so there is something to epoxy the lens too.



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June 5, 2019 23:51:56  

two thumbs up

find a product to solve a problem and then make your own

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