automatic hand pump- motor advice needed  


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2018-07-17 15:32:58  

I am getting my first PCP gun and hand pump in two days, and I already know that I want to move from hand pumping, (67 yrs old)

I have been all over YouTube for examples, and their are many excellent ones beyond my electrical and mechanical skills. I have settled on

this type of set up

and need advice on the motor. He states that it is a 24Vdc 100:1 right angle drive motor (600 # in torque)

Any advice or sourcing for this appreciated,

Not sure if he means 600 ft lbs or inch lbs or it that is over kill.

Brief google search finds motors very expensive, but I might be looking at wrong ones.

If the motor version is too expensive, I do have a plan B in mind that uses no motor, but I will need to mock up a proof of concept.

thanks in advance


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If you are interested in building one for the enjoyment of it or for honing your engineering skills, that's one thing.  But if it is to save money, I think those days are gone.  A lot of folks are getting inexpensive compressors like the Yong Heng for $250 nowadays.  Just 5 years ago, I was happy to have paid only $150 for a hand pump when many were $200 and up.  Granted, you can get a decent hand pump for $50 today but here's my question, how feasible is it to buy a suitable motor, linkages, and hardware and build a frame, etc. for under $200?  Especially if it takes more than one design iteration.  And then there's the uncertainty of how reliable it will be.

BTW, I don't mean to sound negative, just trying to give some perspective on the practicality of building versus buying.  

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Yong Heng