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3d printed magazine for my aeron b96 pistol?  


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October 21, 2018 16:51:10  

I have an Aeron b96 5shot semi auto target pistol.The magazine it has isd made from aluminum.Could someone make me extra magazines using 3D printing?

BRNO B96 5s

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November 19, 2018 23:42:55  

that's an interesting idea but the question I have is why hasn't any pistol maker ever used anything but aluminum for the mags, now Daisy in there 853c models do use a rubber style material but they don't count, they are just pushed though

my thinking is they need to be durable and precise and light, could you print a mag that has those characteristics

I know 1-5 round mag just isn't enough but they can be gotten in aluminum at Magic Nine Design but you know that, that's his picture