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Steve In CT
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February 11, 2018 18:37:18  

Raw Materials & parts: 

McMaster Carr

Metal Express

Online Metal Store

US Plastic Corporation - great prices on UHMW & Delrin

Gehr Plastics

Alro Steel

Dunham Rubber & Belting

Composite Resources

Carbon Fiber Tube Shop

Graphite Store


Equipment Vendors:

Discount Tools Dot Com

Little Machine Shop - One of the best

Lathe Master - Just bought the 9X30 lathe, great machine. Now Offline

Grizzly Industrial

Harbor Freight Tools

MSC Enco

Shars Tool Company - Great prices

Taig Tools

Wholesale Tool

Plas Tools



Victor Machinery Exchange

Bay Machinists Resources

Truemade Products




The Home Machinist

The Home Shop Machinist

Practical Machinist - Includes  a gunsmith forum

Lathemaster Yahoo Group

7 x1 2 minilathe Yahoo Group

Home Machinists Round Table Yahoo Group - Mostly off topic now but has good resources

9 x 20 Lathe Yahoo Group

Mini Lathe Modifications Yahoo Group

Mlathemods2 Yahoo Group

Mlathemods3 Yahoo Group

4 x 6 Bandsaw Yahoo Group

Gingery Machines Yahoo Group

The Mini Mill Discussion Yahoo Group

Home Machinist Yahoo Group

Mini Milling Yahoo Group

Miniature Tools & Tool Making Yahoo Group

My Little Machine Shop Yahoo Group

ShumaTech Yahoo Group - DIY DRO


Please note: You may need a Yahoo Groups login just to get to the forums I've listed under Yahoo groups. In other words, you may get a nag screen before it will let you into any of them if it doesn't recognize you as a member or something like that.


General Interest: 


Mini Lathe

Tolken Tool room

Ty's HF 7x10 Mini Lathe Page

Backyard Metal Casting

Here are links to sites with more lists of metal working site links: 

Jon Elson's Machining Page

 Steve Bedair's Favorite Links

Mini Lathe's Own Links

Articles About the Taig, Tips, and Accessory Drawings

Pat's Big List Of Metalwork Links

Ernie's Massive Metal Links

Mini lathe or Mini mill needs. 

Little Machine Shop

Mini Lathe - Good site for the mini lathe.