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Bigger junk I bought.  


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2019-05-13 16:39:34  

2002 2500HD V10 8.0L 47re 3.55 axle, trailer and camper package.

Former City truck, sold due to 10 years of age, sat in an AC and fencing company's yard till the fuel system went to poo.

Paid $2700 AC works.

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Repairs required, total parts cost $200-ish

2 vacuum leaks

rat damage to #8 injector (solder new wires into pins)

all injectors ruin't with rust ($80)

cracked cam position sensor ($17.40)

corroded crank sensor wiring (cleaned, replaced sensor $56)

low fuel pressure, loss of prime (pump $30

trash in fuel tank from 40 gals dried fuel (they were nice enough to make the plastic tank white inside)


Runs like a scalded dog now, gets 13mpg , still a POS Dodge in so many ways.

Dyno peak


a shift kit in the trans to deal with factory 1-2-1-2-2-1 shuffle

reprogrammed (tuned) to remove what Dodge calls "Torque Management", basically a governor under 25mph.

tuning also addresses downshifting and throttle position required for WOT.

Right now downshifting requires 85% throttle, and WOT is 95%. WAAAAY too close together, and your foot will get sore trying to select a

gear with throttle position.

Otherwise it runs GREAT, and the V10 is much smaller than expected.

Gobs of torque.



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2019-05-13 17:08:21  

Sorry these are so big/


dirty rats!

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If you are having issues with fuel, and find an Airtex, replace it. They are JUNK.

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Here is what I needed a larger truck for.

"Appian Stone" pavers, all 2nds from local developments, for $50/pallet, usually $250+ per pallet.

Purchasers ask for a different color, etc, and these languish at the yard.


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Trailer is pushin 20K, truck pulls it like a breeze. (straps removed for pic)



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2019-05-13 17:34:08  

I purchased 31 pallets so far, but the actual brick count on a MEGA DEMO PALLET (get them out of here) means I'll get a bonus 20-50%.

We calculate actual pallet count at close to 40, or 4,000 sqft.

That will do a 2400sqft circle drive, and 10-14ft all the way round the house and garage.

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20190328 105050


8 pack abs baby!!!

This project will cost around $6k, and the contractor cost would be closer to $40-50K.

Zwillow thinks our house is worth $202k-ish, but the new housing development nearby is tweaking prices way up.

$218K for an just-ok house down the street last week.

Looks favorable.


Hardly done a lick of machining lately, hoping to weld some new exhaust in soon, but that's it.

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2019-11-22 09:37:49  

not only rats but Mice & squirrels. 

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2019-11-22 11:03:18  

Makes me sweat just reading this. Very ambitious project. Always envious when I see that much lot. I'd love to have 100 yards for a target range.

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2019-11-30 13:50:09  

Always enjoy your posts John, and that Dodge and trailer bring back memories. Sweet that is.

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2019-11-30 22:48:18  

Finally the rain has stopped, we're getting close to starting this project again. Winter is perfect outside weather most days.

I just have a little fence to do.

Our mentally impaired neighbor has decided that throwing fist sized rocks over the fence at the chickens is his new favorite past time. It's been going on for months, I figured he'd run out of rocks eventually but no such luck.