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2018-09-15 23:22:42  

 Good day fellow air gunners.

I have a small project I hope I can find help in since I retired I no longer have access to the lathe and mill that I used almost daily.  Knowing that this day would come I tried to use my crystal ball to peer into the future and foresee all my machine type projects and get them done ahead of time.  Unfortunately   my crystal ball came up a bit lacking. 

Anyway, I'm looking to source a threaded adapter that is simply female 5/8-32 to male 7/8-9 TPI with a pass thru bore of .480-.500 (adapter is to fit a LDC  I already own to a Quackenbush .457. ) I've searched hi and low on the net in an effort to find such a critter and come up empty.  This should be a simple project for any lathe operator (providing he has access to one).

This is my final hope to find a fellow enthusiast who could whittle one up for me.    If nothing else it will serve as another point I can use in convincing the war department (wife) that I need a lathe and mill of my own.

I will be happy to pay for materials and your time.    Please respond to if you can help me, or point me in a direction to get this project rolling.

Thank you for reading



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2018-09-25 00:17:15  

Hey Rick, I'm sending you an email with a lead to a guy that can probably help you out.