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Looking for Rhino FT Targets  


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September 4, 2018 16:59:41  

Looking to establish a local Field Target club and need to purchase multiple Rhino Targets to have a full match. Any leads appreciated!

Bill Corder
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September 5, 2018 11:30:49  

Airguns of Arizona sells rhino style  targets that work flawlessly and will last you a lifetime. They’re made out of AR400? Steel that is thick and will never distort like the gamos do very quickly.  They are pricey but will last forever. Call and talk to Larry Piercy at AOA.  He is the man who deals directly with the guy who makes the targets for AOA.   Good luck.  BC

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September 5, 2018 12:27:32  

I have shot many of the targets AOA sells. They work flawlessly and are the standard for a high quality Field Target.


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September 5, 2018 13:16:37

Contact via email. Order your Rhino targets directly and pay via PayPal.

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December 30, 2018 13:28:18  

 I know the man that makes them for AOA top quality work close to be in the best on the market right now  

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December 31, 2018 09:00:40  

Rhino targets are great targets and we use some but when you are starting out you can use some less expensive stuff too.  We have at least 13 different kinds of field targets and some are Rhinos but most are not.  Some of our targets are going on thirty years old and still work fine.  The simple proof is that we typically have very few cold lines due to target issues.  Some of our Gamo targets, although they work well, are starting to wear out after 8-9 years but even those have been repaired and remain in service.  ALL target require maintenance, even Rhinos.

When starting out you can do some things so you don't use lots of targets.  We shoot each target two times in a match but if you have few targets you can shoot each target three or four times or shoot the course twice around.  Shooting the course twice around also means you only need to prep and set up half as many lanes and since you are just getting started you probably won't have lots of shooters at first.   Way way back in the dark ages when we started we only had six targets for our first match so we had to fill in with some breakable and other homemade stuff.  We still had fun and by the second match we had six more targets and the rest is history.  We still have and use those original six.

Good luck,

Rick B.

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Scott A.
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December 31, 2018 09:37:22  

To save money you can mix in Gamo or Rat on the Run Targets from Pyramid.  Use the Rhinos for close up and the others for longer shots where the energy is lower on the hits.   Call the vendors and ask if you can get a discount with a large order.



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doug bruestle
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January 1, 2019 20:18:29  

You can also replace the faceplates on Gamo targets with thicker faceplates. Last year I bought 35 Gamo targets for our range. 20 of them were actually the Crosman zombie targets that I just cut the paddle arm down on (the only difference between Gamo and crosman is 1" in paddle length ) Pyramyd and airgun depot were selling the Crosman zombie target for 14.00 and during one of the post Holiday sales they were as cheap as 11.50 with free shipping.

20190101 100805

You can see the cut paddle arm compared to the regular arm (on this target I have faceplates made that use the zombie length arm). If just starting out I would think a full course of Rhino targets would be very expensive  (would make for a nice course though ) 

20190101 102635

They do work nice and need little maintenence but the coolest thing about them is that they fall totally flat

20190101 102643

Good luck putting your course together, don't be afraid to buy some of the less expensive stuff though, they work and last for years.

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