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Western NM-Sub 20fpe Silhouette, Sub 20fpe Field Target and EXTREME Field Target

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Southwest Airgunners are excited to announce an airgun-filled weekend at 8600 feet above sea level in the cool and beautiful high country of Western NM.  

We had two matches at this location last summer and one just last month. (see here for match report of last month's <20fpe field target event ) but the upcoming June match will be the first time we've had an Extreme Field Target event.

Summary of the competitive events:

June 11th at around 4pm – sub 20fpe silhouette match.

June 12th at 10am AZ time-sub 20fpe "traditional" field target match.

June 12th shortly after lunch-EXTREME Field Target match. 

The silhouette match rules are simple: sub 20fpe (so regular field target guns can be used), shoot from any field target position (bucket and sticks or shooting harness/bum bag, or even a tripod for the Unlimited class guys). 1 shot per target, 1 bank consisting of ram, turkey, pig, chicken, chicken at 4 different distances (40, 50, 60, and 70 yards). 20 shots for each relay and we shoot through twice (40 shots). No entry fee required but donations greatly appreciated.

The sub 20fpe FT match rules will follow the same rules most AAFTA recognized clubs in the US use, with the exception of an Unlimited class in which anything goes, just keep the guns under 20fpe. Targets will be from 10-55 yards for this match with kill zones ranging from 3/8 of an inch up to about 2 inches. Unknown distances, laser rangefinder only allowed in Unlimited class. We typically set up a 13 lane course (2 targets per lane, 2 shots per targets so 4 shots per lane for a total of 52 shots). No entry fee required but donation of $10-20 greatly appreciated.

The Extreme FT match will follow the rules used for the Extreme Field Target events held at the monthly (winter) Phoenix Rod and Gun club. Synopsis of those rules: up to and including.30 cal, and up to 100 fpe. Pellet class and slug class. Targets from 20-100 yards with kill zones up to 3 inches. Stated distances (or use a rangefinder). Shoot from any back-less chair (typically bucket or stool) using bipod or shooting sticks. 25x scope limit. No entry fee required but donation of $20 greatly appreciated. A portion of the entry fees collected will go back into a pot to go towards the winner(s). The money pot will be awarded to the highest scoring donor. The dollar amount going to the highest scoring donor will be announced at the pre-match meeting (that should up the competitive spirit a bit!). 

In regards to the donation of entry fees: The targets for all three events are owned by Rex and or Ben. Both individuals either bought or paid to have these targets made with their personal money. Maintenance of those targets is also being funded by them (painting, string replacement, general repairs). There is also a lot of behind the scenes work to put on matches like these. Personally, it's worth at least $10-20 worth of enjoyment for me to get to shoot at their targets during a fun competitive weekend. 

Some of us will be camping for the weekend. Any and all are invited to join. The camping and talking airguns is honestly some of the most fun parts of these weekends. This location is about 2.5 miles off the pavement but passenger cars have made it in the past and camp trailers have also made it to every event. There are no facilities and cell phone service requires a couple hundred yard hike to a slightly higher elevation ("unplugging" for a few days is also a favorite part of this location). If you enjoy the outdoors, airguns, and good people, this event is right up your alley. 

Come shoot any combination of the 3 events. 

For lots of New Mexico and maybe even southern Colorado airgunners, this might be the closest competitive airgunning event (especially where there's some prize money on the line) to you. 

Here are the GPS coordinates for anybody interested: 33°43'27.9"N 108°58'16.7"W

And directions: On HWY 180, about 9 miles south of the tiny town of Luna, NM turn west onto Forest Road 209. The turn off is at mile marker 14. Follow FS209/Saddle Mountain Lookout Road about 2.6 miles. FS209 is gravel road. Luna is just a few miles over the AZ/NM state line from Alpine, AZ. 


Rex and Ben have asked that you please PM me if you're planning on attending so that they have an idea of how many shooters to plan for. 

We're excited to see all you old friends and hopefully make some new ones at the match in a few weeks!!!

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Spoke with Ben and Rex, match directors for all this fun, and we're very happy to announce that JDs Custom Design is sponsoring the event!!! 

For those unaware, JD's Custom Design is the master of 3d printed field target-specific accessories. His creations are some of the best I've seen, not only are they elegant and streamlined, but extremely functional. When inspecting his parallax wheels it is obvious that they are designed by somebody who has some experience shooting field target. The geometry he employs takes advantage of the largest possible radius to create a large effective diameter with the smallest possible footprint. He offers comma and off-center as well as premium options that are simply limited by your imagination. 
Here is one of his premium wheels that my buddy Dan just received a few weeks ago. 

jds custom

Dan wanted a quality sidewheel to match the red laminate Red Wolf he recently picked up, while maintaining the superb aesthetics/lines of the gun. I think he and JD nailed it. 

Dan also ordered a wheel for his AA Ultimate Sporter.

jds custom2
jds custom1

You'll notice in that first pic that JD creates his wheels with a clever magnetic hub so that the wheel can be removed for storage and transport without risk of breaking the wheel or the side parallax mechanism of the scope it is mounted on. Side wheels can create excessive torque and literally destroy a scope, like can be seen in these pics of what happened to a shooter in our club a few years ago. 

broken scope1
broken scope

If he had one of JDs magnetic detaching wheels on there, that scope wouldnt have died the horrific death that it did. 

Best part of JD's magnetic wheels is that they're indexed to return to the same place, so all those hard earned yardage marks always return to the same place when the wheel is reattached to the hub. Very cool.

So, JD is providing some prize packages of complete wheel sets, and the way I understand it, they'll be similar to the packages received by Dan a few weeks ago (like this):

jds custom3

(wheel, magnetic hub, combo bubble level and yardage indicator, and windicator. Pretty much the works to get your rig match ready!!! Each prize package valued at $100. JD is going to customize the package to fit whatever scope the winner would like it matched too. So, the prize packages are a CUSTOM wheel to fit the scope of your choice. 

One custom wheel package will go to the winner of the sub 20 fpe Hunter class.

One custom wheel package will go the winner of the sub 20fpe Kill Covid Challenge.

One custom wheel package will go to the winner of the sub 100fpe Kill Covid Challenge.


That brings me to the explanation of the Kill Covid Challenge. The covid virus target posted right above will be used for The Kill Covid Challenge. The sub 20fpe challenge will take place during lunch on Saturdy, between the sub 20 and the Extreme FT matches. Anyone wanting to compete will need to use their sub 20fpe field target gun, shooting from a field target position, and hit a challenging kill zone at 55 yards. Everybody that knocks it down advances to the next round, and a smaller kill zone. This will progress until only one shooter remains. That last shooter is the winner of one of JDs custom wheel packages. Same format for the sub 100 fpe Kill Covid challenge (use your Extreme FT gun, but target will start further out, something like 75 yards probably). Knock it down and advance to the next round (smaller KZ). Last shooter is the winner of one of JD's custom wheel packages. The sub 100fpe Kill Covid Challenge will take place after the Extreme FT event (probably around 4pm on Sat). 

JD's Custom Design also makes custom field target stocks for rifles and pistols as well as a couple versions of butthooks and scope caps. All of his products are customized to fit whatever you want it to fit. 

We are very grateful for JDs generosity and desire to be part of EFT and our weekend full of airguns over in western NM. 

Please visit his website when you get a chance. (His products make just about any FT competitors eyes light up. Very cool stuff).