Thank you THAGC for...

Thank you THAGC for Field Target mentoring!  


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2019-11-06 13:14:59  

I should have said this earlier, but want to express my appreciation to the Tar Heel Air Gun Club.

Three to four years ago I showed up to a local match not knowing anything about Field Target, hold over, or ranging with an inexpensive break barrel gamo. I knocked down 7 targets out of 60 and was hooked. The ladies and gentlemen of this club welcomed me in, gave me advice and encouraged my involvement in Field Target. They have been generous with their time, fellowship and knowledge.

This year I was fortunate enough to win the AAFTA Hunter Class National championship competing with some of the best Field Target shooters in the country. I owe much of this to the THAGC. Without their support and encouragement, this would never have happened. THANK YOU.

My message to other clubs across the country: be sure to welcome that new shooter to your club and mentor them. Your encouragement, advice and friendship can make a huge impact.

Philip (DeadEye) Hepler

mlmayer and Scott A. thanked