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THAGC UPDATE 3/30/20  


Chris C.
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2020-03-30 17:34:20  

Guys, I just wanted to fill everybody in on what's going on with the club. Currently Knobs & myself have been in the process of switching over control of the website & the bank account. Scott has relinquished himself from these duties. Knobs is handling the website & I'm handling the bank account.

Knobs has gotten administrator access now & is currently fixing bugs that have been plaguing the website for awhile. 

I've created a new bank account & we have transferred the money over. Now I am trying to set up a PayPal business account which requires a new email address. Once I have the new email address then I can move forward to getting a PayPal business account. This is needed for setting up payment arrangements on the THAGC website. As you can see, this is a domino effect.

People have been asking about dues. We are working as fast as we can to get the website set up to be able to do this. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. We apologize for the delay.                                            

Our 2020 THAGC Monthly schedule will be the 1st weekend of the month at TCRC in Pleasant Hill, NC. All matches are currently cancelled until further notice. We will resume our normal schedule once the Coronavirus pandemic has passed and/or the " Stay At Home" order has been lifted. We will post on the normal FT sites once we are able to hold matches.

THAGC is rescheduling the 2020 Carolina Classic for later in the year. We're also planning to resume the 2021 Carolina Classic in March of next year as well. Stay tuned for more info!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or Knobs. I think most of you have my cell number, if not just PM me.

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2020-04-05 07:26:50  

I want to thank Scott A for his help ironing out website bugs. Scott ran an update that was casuing most of the problems and put the site on a backup. I had no idea how to do that.

I'm probably 85-90% at this time.



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