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SVFTC gets to holds its first FT match of 2020 .... RESULTS  


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May 27, 2020 14:46:59  

Thanks to the IONE RANGE we hold our semi monthly matches at, they had opened up for limited use just a few weeks prior having us who organize and run matches follow strict protocol with this Covid -19 situation we all are dealing with.  Jim C the clubs co-match director worked out all the details on them allowing the SVFTC to hold a limited participation match.  With private e-mail correspondence to our core membership we limited our self to 20 RSVP positions .... Ended up at 16

Being this was the clubs FIRST field target match of 2020 where in a typical year would be the Third, figured most would enjoy a longer match so we set up for a 58 shot match.   In the mix were 6 shots FORCED position Off Hand and 4 shots as Kneeling. * if you can't kneel you took them off hand.

In order to keep safe social distancing and minimal handling of the gear,  a few persons set the bricks and provided targets for the positions, winders and clamps. Others set them, with others taking the winders back to the shooting positions.   Were able to establish a good 10 feet between lanes as well.   Hand sanitizer provided with EVERYONE coming to the match with a face mask we have met all the requirements to proceed.

Get everyone signed up we run practice for @ 45 min or so while also waiting for the stragglers to show up.  Have the shooters meeting and then had everyone take a score card / clipboard and FILL IN there chosen partners info and requested that the score card be kept by each squad member the entire match & tossed into a pile at matches end where we would sort out the results.
* Due to safety Covid protocol no food or drink provided this event asking for a BYOF & D

We ended up with 16 shooters and 58 shots getting the match going by @9:30 there about.
The Match results by class and shooter are as follows ...

Hunter PCP
Jim C  52
Fred B  51
Scott S  50
John B  48
Zack  47
Martin O  42
Conrad R  36
Marty g  36
Larry G 34

Hunter Piston
Frank w  34
Bill C  33
Jesse A  12

Riz M  50
Dana W  42

WFTF Piston
Son L  38
Jim P  32

Knowing it was to be a semi short & quick match were done before noon, cleaned up and packed up and driving out @ 1:00

Am thinking we may be just one of very few FT clubs who have been able to host a club match this 2020 season & hope it is not our last !!
THANK YOU to all who helped in the effort to keep everyone safe ... distanced tho still able to HAVE SOME FT FUN !!

Scott Schneider
Jim Cyran
SVFTC match directors



Ione 05 20 4
Ione 05 20 7
Ione 05 20 8
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May 28, 2020 18:21:14