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Southwest Extreme American Field Target Match Results  


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October 26, 2020 12:05:28  

Saturday 10/24/2020


Saturday 10/24/2020 Today was our second Extreme American Field Target Event in as many months. The weather was perfect and wind was unusually light. We had 15 shooters show up all were shooting pellets. Most shooters shot in our inaugural event last month. There were 2 new shooters Carl and Dennis.Experiencing Extreme  American Field Target for their very first time.We had no slug shooters today.I would like to thank everyone for coming and shooting with us. The distance some of these shooters drove might be an indicator that this is a real fun venue. Bobby and Sandy Corcorran drove down from Camp Verde and Gabe Valenzuela drove from California, I think San Diego area. Thank you very much for your support. There were different Ideas and thoughts being expressed in the meeting after the match. I think this is a great way to get changes that the MAJORITY want. I stated in the meeting that anyone with ideas or grievances need to speak up. No grievances and some REAL good ideas. This is how IMO we will grow this venue. So please be vocal and help all of us grow the sport we love. My email is  I urge everyone to get involved. I started this because I love the sport and really want to see this particular venue grow. I would very much appreciate for all those who have shot this venue to talk about it. Spread the word ,pic, videos and personal stories. I also want to reach out to those who are curious or eager to learn more about it. I am here with an ear. Questions of any kind email me I will help any way I can. I want to thank everyone for their help tearing down Mike ,Scott ,Gabe ,Dennis Okay enough talking, here are the final results. 

1st: Peykan Beyrami     FX Impact .30 cal.                              35/40


2nd: Mike Smith      Daystate Wolverine HP .22 cal.                33/40.                                                                                       


3rd:  Carl  Forrey      RTI- Prophet    .22 Cal.                             33/40 (first miss). ********* first time EAFT


4th: Bobby Corcorran  Daystate Redwolf HP .22 cal.               27/40


5th: Noor Sabbah     Daystate Redwolf HP .22  cal.                  27/40 (2nd miss) gun shared -Lauren Parsons T.Y.


6th: Barry  Diehl.    Daystate Redwolf HP.   22 cal.                   27/40 (first miss)


7th: Sandy Corcorran  Daystate RW HP.    .22 cal.                    26/40


8th: Gabe Valenzuela  FX Impact              .22 cal                      25/40


9th: Lauren Parsons   Daystate RW HP     .22 cal.                     24/40


10th: Ben Spencer      Daystate RW HP     .25 cal.                     22/40


11th: Valerie Tucker  (deadeye) Daystate RW HP .22 cal.         17/40


12th: Gene Christ      FX Royale 400         .22  cal.                       17/40 (first miss)


13th: Van Tucker     Daystate Redwolf HP  .22 cal.                      14/40


14th: Dennis Ingle  Daystate  Redwolf HP .25 cal.                       11/40.    ********** first time EAFT


15th: Scott Hunt   Benjamin Marauder      .22 cal.                         6/40


Aerial view of the course:

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