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Sacramento Valley Field Target Season Ending Match - Saturday Nov. 23th Ione CA  


Jim Cyran
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November 17, 2019 21:44:38  

Your Invited: Sacramento Valley Field Target Season Ending Match - Saturday Nov. 23th Ione CA

The Sacramento Valley Field Target Club is holding our season ending match on Saturday November 23rd. The weather for the day is predicted to be beautiful, so come on out and help us celebrate the end of the season and have a fun day shooting field target at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center. We will set up a challenging course to test your skills, but it is intended to be a fun day and an opportunity to wish your field target friends a happy holidays.

The details:
Sacramento Valley Field Target Match
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center Ione, CA
Saturday November 23rd

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center Directions found here:
Upon arrival at the range take a right at the 'T', near the range office, up the hill to Range 9.

Equipment requirements:
.177 or .22 caliber air rifle shooting at 20 foot lbs of energy or less.

Course set up:......8:00am start if you can make it
Sight in opens:.....8:45am
Match start:..........9:30am (approx)

Other information:
Match fees will be $20 per person
Beverages and light lunch will be provided

Questions? Contact Jim Cyran jimcyran "at" pacbell "dot" net

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November 20, 2019 23:58:46  

One more time .... Fresh paint for your CHIPPING enjoyment !

CYA all on Saturday.

gokidd thanked
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November 25, 2019 12:43:21  

What a 2019 season it has been for the SVFTC. We were able to put on a match every month from March until November with attendance running between 15 to 27 shooters every month !
It does appear the clubs format of alternating match sites has helped as has the Saturday / Sunday split each month.

Onto the this months match held in IONE, 17 shooters came out on what was the weekend before thanksgiving, which I'm sure put a damper on some making it out to shoot one last match with the SVFTC in 2019.
Even heard we had a Birthday .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jessica K who not surprisingly opted to not join us ... jeez !!

Today's course of fire was 14 lanes of which lane 7 became offhand with three bell target making for a 58 shot match.  As we typically do one of the bells can be shot kneeling if you can kneel ? ... if not offhand.
We had plenty of help arriving shortly after 8:00am which had the set up happen without a hitch ... Thanks guys !!
Practice was up and running by 8:45 and continued until 9:30 when we called the shooters meeting, crew cleaned out the practice targets and we then assigned squads.  We're shooting the match by @ 9:45

Todays results: XX/58

Tom K  42

WFTF Piston
Mark W  37

Hunter Piston
Zack L  43
Frank W  23
Jesse A  15

Gabriel L  56  * High Match Score
Riz M  55
Son L  53
Dave C  49
Tak  32

Hunter PCP
John B  50
Scott S  50
Jim C  48
Jim M  41
Conrad R  39
Larry G  28
Ahmed G  10   * Oups, forgot to look at his magnification ring and shot match at a lower x making his dope incorrect.   New shooter and a learning event to be sure.  We've ALL done it !

After the match had a good lunch enjoying what was a simply VERY pleasant day for late November being in the low 60's with just a very light breeze.  Course got torn down with all in a nice pile mid field making the final packing it up easy peezy.  Again THANK YOU to all who help with these duties !

There was a 1/2 dozen or so who stayed and played within the 100 yards of shooting bay having some just doing more practice with there FT gun or other lower power AG's.
Then there was "THOSE GUYS " who set up misc metal targets at 50 - 75 - 100 yards and brought out there HIGH POWER PCPS shooting either HEAVY PELLETS or SLUGS and simply were having a blast banging away on mostly the 100 yards set quadrant or tree targets.   Have to say there is BUZZ about a future in shooting EXTREME Field Target or Benchrest in our ranks.  As one of those "Guys" it is quite fun and really difficult to shoot 100 yards with an air rifle, slugs or not !   Those staying after shot for a few hours more and everyone left going on the 4:00 hour.

That concludes the 2019 season for the SVFTC ... We had a great year, great times had by all each match.  Many in our ranks also competed Nationally, went Abroad for International events doing very well.
Wishing everyone a great and safe winter until next spring when we will try and get the 2020 season rolling @ March.

Thank you to all who joined us in 2019 and we hope to see you once again in 2020 !   tell your like minded buddies to come out and try FT .. They just might like it ?

Scott Schneider
Jim Cyran