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Sacramento Valley Field Target Match Sunday June 27th Davis, CA + Match Report

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Match Calendar for 2021
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center                 Yolo Sportsman's Association
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Sat Nov 27, 2021
Sacramento Valley Field Target Match Sunday June 27th

Come on out and join us for our June match at the Yolo Sportsman's Association, Davis, CA (right next to the Yolo Airport). We will set up a fun course and give you a chance to get out of the house and enjoy being outdoors among friends.

I will be out of town for the match but Fred B will be filling in for me. To keep things as simple as possible for Fred and Scott there will only be cold beverages, snacks, and munchies available for the match.

Location & directions:
Yolo Sportsman's Association, Davis, CA - (Click on the Contacts tab, the directions are at the bottom of page)

Turn left on the lane just in front of the announcement sign stay to the left and and proceed about 75 yards to the "specialty/cowboy" range where we have our own gated parking lot.

Equipment requirements:
.177 or .22 caliber air rifle shooting at 20 foot lbs of energy or less. Almost all spring powered or piston air rifles qualify. Most .177 PCP rifles and most .22 PCP air rifles shooting 750 fps of less qualify.

The Game:
We will be shooting a field target match using knock down targets at ranges from 10 to 55 yards with bulls eyes from 0.5 to 2.0 inches.

Gates Open ................ 8:00 am
Course set up...............8:00 am
Regstn and sight in ......8:30 am
Match start:.................9:15am (approx)

Other information:
Match fees will be $15 per person
Snacks and cold beverages will be provided
Questions? Contact Scott at s.schneider "at" sbcglobal "dot" net

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Forecast of 108* just days before ... OUCH ! this could be a bun burner.  Never happened and we get an Outstanding morning of high 60's to start and mid 80's at the time we wrap up the match shortly after noon.
It was mid 90's when i personally left the range @ 3:30 however.
14 brave individuals came out in spite the forecast to give a go at our 52 match we put together today.  The set up was bias upper 20's troyer and should have been a "Cleanable" course had one had a error free day ?
Sitting on lane 10 were our infamous Bell Targets ( 3 each for 6 shots ) that could be taken ( 2 of the 3 ) KNEELING if one choose to do so ?  Many who could kneel took advantage to try and get the easier 4 points and only needed to take the remaining Bell Off hand for 2 shots. ( shooters choice on which target/s )
The morning only presented a mild breeze that really needed no windage correction, shots were really up the middle and on the mark required.   As is typical our 1/2" WOLF and the 1/2" ANTEATER set in the 10-15 yard ranges kept it from being a slam dunk ... Aim small Miss small challenge for sure !!    Due to the range office we had to share the Cowboy town area and there were NO targets set today in excess of 50 yards, and only 2 IIRC that were near that.

TODAY RESULTS by Class & Shooter  XX/52


Jim P 39


Lonnie S  49
Son L  48


Scott S  50  * Won by shoot off
Chris K  50
Pete P  49
John B  48
Jim M  46
Conrad R  45
Jesse A  41
Larry G  39
Fred B  39
Frank W  31
AJ  9

* Our high score shoot off today started on the Bell targets being shot ALL OFF HAND .... 2 shots each at a 1" at @ 11 yards, then 2 shots at a 1 1/2" at @ 24 yards and then again a 2" at @ 31 yards ..... Both after 6 shots are still tied !    OK .... ZOMBIE at @ 48 yards being a 1 1/2" knock down still being Off Hand !    Scott shoots first and misses the 1st ( hitting the dirt behind )  second shot connects and target falls.  Chris up next having his first do the same into the dirt above target, second connects with the face plate only.  Decision rendered.      Nerve racking as shoot offs are there still a lot of fun !!

We did not serve lunch today but did have munchies and drinks for those in attendance.
THANK YOU to those who showed up early, helped set up and those who hung around to help tear it back down !!
NEXT MONTH we are at the IONE facility and will be shooting on SATURDAY July 24th.

Scott Schneider
SVFTC Match director