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Sacramento Valley Field Target Match - Sat May 22, 2021 Ione, CA + Match Report

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                                   Sac Valley Field Target Club Matches 2021
Sac Valley Shooting Center Ione                                Yolo Sportsman's Association Davis
Sat May 22, 2021                                                        Sun Jun 27, 2021
Sat Jul 24, 2021                                                          Sun Aug 22, 2021
Sat Sep 25, 2021                                                        No Oct Match Nationals in Morro Bay
Sat Nov 27, 2021

You're Invited: Sacramento Valley Field Target Match - Sat. May 22nd, Ione CA

Come on out and join us for our third match of 2021. We will set up a challenging but fun course to give you a chance to test your skills in shooting Field Target. Weather looks to be fantastic, with temps around 80 and mild winds.

Note on Covid-19 Protocols: Most if not all of our senior members have been vaccinated and since we will be outdoors we are going to leave the prevention measures up to the individual attendees as we believe you are smart enough to do what is in your best interest. Masks and social distancing will be at your discretion. If someone is wearing a mask please respect their decision and follow social distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be available.

We will be providing soft drinks, water and a light lunch for those who want to partake. Get in some practice time in after the match!

Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center - Directions found here:

Upon arrival at the range take a right at the 'T', near the range office, up the hill to Range 9 (First range past the Cowboy Shooters range). The match is open to anyone interested in learning about Field Target competition as well as experienced shooters.
Equipment requirements: .177 or .22 caliber air rifle shooting at 20 foot lbs of energy or less. Almost all spring powered or piston air rifles qualify. Most .177 PCP rifles and most .22 PCP air rifles shooting 750 fps of less qualify.

Optional but recommended, a set of shooting sticks or adjustable bi-pod and a bucket or stool to sit on while shooting. Eye protection is required for all participants and observers.

The Game: We will be shooting a field target match using knock down targets at ranges from 10 to 55 yards with bullseyes from 0.5 to 2.0 inches.

Course set up:...............8:00am
Regstn and Sight In ......8:30am
Match start:....................9:15am (approx)

Other information:
Match fees will be $20 per person
Cold Beverages and light lunch will be provided

Questions? Contact Jim Cyran at jimcyran "at" pacbell "dot" net

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My EYES my EYES ... damn who is the old hippy painting those targets ?


Lol ... we'll have fresh paint for your viewing and shooting pleasure

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It is looking by in large the Covid restrictions are lightening up and folks are getting out to enjoys life's pleasures more. Saturdays SVFTC match in IONE was well attended having 19 able and willing shooters wishing to give it a go doing there best at not chipping the paint  ::) ... we all try !
Having a nice sunny and warm morning the match director was on site starting to set the course by 7:30 and had 3 lanes done when the troops started to arrive. Lots of help  getting the other lanes established, we end up with the equivalent of 15 lanes, tho only made 14 having our forced lane ( lucky 13) an 8 shot ordeal.   That being we set out 4 bell targets allowing shooters to take 1/2 kneeling. this worked out for those unable to kneel 8 Offhand shots !! or 4 + 4  ;D Evil match director !!
About a 1/2 hour of practice then our long winded safety and shooters meeting. ( We had 3 new shooters who never have shot FT )
Squads established having those new to the game shooting with someone experienced.  Also a somewhat recent trend is allowing shooters to take a few EXTRA shots FOR NO SCORE, if they had trouble figuring out how to windage dope the ever present IONE winds.  * This is IMO the only way one in going to learn to counter the wind ... BY DOING IT and seeing what it takes to hit the target.
Todays weather started out with just a mild breeze that for most shots you could take em straight in !  Well that calmness was fleeting by mid match which for some is all in a days work, while others started to struggle chasing where there shots were going.  * Yes indeed take a few extra NO POINT shots and figure it out  ;)
The match went w/o a hitch, no target malfunctions, No problems to resolve what so ever.  Lots of laughter and giggles along the shooting line with all having a good time.

Todays results by CLASS and SCORE XX/60

WFTF Piston

Jim P  40

Son L  51

Hunter Piston
Bill C  39
Jesse A  29

Hunter PCP
Jim C  58 * only missing 2 offhand ( Took all 8 offhand )  WOW !
Pete P  53
Scott S  53
Fred B  50
Zack L  49
Marty G  49
Conrad R  46
Larry G  45
Frank W  41
Martin O  38
Jim M  34
Rennie G  33 * new shooter
AJ  31
Derik H  26  * new shooter
Brian C  18  * new shooter

Thus was our 3rd formal club match for the year with what is looking to be a full season of club matches as well State and GP matches for those willing to travel and meet others while testing them self against other course configurations and weather conditions.

Most stayed for lunch where our gracious host Jim C had hot dogs and chili, chips, drinks and cookies !!
After some lunch the course was picked up and put away for NEXT MONTHS match at the Yolo facility in Davis.

THANK YOU to all who attended, those who helped set up and tear down .... Until next meeting, shoot straight, practice and bring a friend introducing them to the sport of air gun FIELD TARGET !!

Scott S & Jim C
SVFTC Match directors.

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