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[Sticky] Sacramento Valley Field Target Match - Sat July 24th, 2021 Ione, CA

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A reminder, if you are interested in shooting the West Coast Gran Prix match August 13-15th in Morro Bay and have not already registered please let me know. This will be shot on the same grounds as the National Championship Match in October.

                                         Sac Valley Field Target Club Matches 2021
Sac Valley Shooting Center Ione                                         Yolo Sportsman's Association Davis
Sat Jul 24, 2021                                                                   Sun Aug 22, 2021
Sat Sep 25, 2021                                                                 No Oct Match Nationals in Morro Bay
Sat Nov 27, 2021

You're Invited: Sacramento Valley Field Target Match - Sat. July 24th, Ione CA

Come on out and join us for our July match. We will set up a challenging but fun course to give you a chance to test your skills in shooting Field Target. Weather looks to be warm, with temps in the 90's. We will be shooting under cover with the Ione winds keeping things tolerable.

We will be providing soft drinks, water and a snacks. Get in some practice time in after the match!

Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center - Directions found here:

Upon arrival at the range take a right at the 'T', near the range office, up the hill to Range 9 (First range past the Cowboy Shooters range). The match is open to anyone interested in learning about Field Target competition as well as experienced shooters.

Equipment requirements: .177 or .22 caliber air rifle shooting at 20 foot lbs of energy or less. Almost all spring powered or piston air rifles qualify. Most .177 PCP rifles and most .22 PCP air rifles shooting 750 fps of less qualify.

Optional but recommended, a set of shooting sticks or adjustable bi-pod and a bucket or stool to sit on while shooting. Eye protection is required for all participants and observers.

The Game: We will be shooting a field target match using knock down targets at ranges from 10 to 55 yards with bullseyes from 0.5 to 2.0 inches.

Course set up:            8:00am
Regstn and Sight In    8:30am
Match start:                 9:15am (approx)

Other information:
Match fees will be $20 per person
Cold Beverages and snacks will be provided

Questions? Contact Jim Cyran at jimcyran "at" pacbell "dot" net

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Tho with FAR MORE CONSERVATIVE and wild targets !!!      We will be shooting on Black face plate / Yellow paddles.


Please HELP support this effort on having a GP shoot at the 2021 Nationals location !!  It is a Lot of Work and having folks actually show up is paramount to future matches and preparation for the Nationals later this fall.


Scott S

SVFTC / 2021 Morro Bay GP Match Director