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Sac Valley Field Target Match - Sunday August 23rd Yolo Sportsman's Club, Davis, CA  


Jim Cyran
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August 14, 2020 13:41:52  

Sac Valley Field Target Match - Sunday August 23rd Yolo Sportsman's Club, Davis, CA

Eye protection is required for all participants and observers. We will again be practicing social distancing and wearing of masks. No beverages or snacks will be provided, please bring your own. If you are not feeling 100% please do not come to the match, as always safety is our number one concern. The social distancing rules are easy to follow and will not affect the match at all.

Come on out and join us for our June match at the Yolo Sportsman's Association, Davis, CA (right next to the Yolo Airport). We will set up a fun course and give you a chance to get out of the house and enjoy being outdoors amoung friends.

It is going to be HOT on Sunday so let's try and get everyone out early and shoot for starting the match at 9am so we can finish before the temperatures get to be unbearable. If you are going to be a little late don't worry as we will squeeze you in. Please make sure you bring some beverages to keep yourself hydrated.

Location & directions:
Yolo Sportsman's Association, Davis, CA - (Click on the Contacts tab directions at bottom of page)

Turn left on the lane just in front of the announcement sign stay to the left and and proceed about 75 yards to the "specialty/cowboy range” where we have our own gated parking lot.

Equipment requirements:
.177 or .22 caliber air rifle shooting at 20 foot lbs of energy or less. Almost all spring powered or piston air rifles qualify. Most .177 PCP rifles and most .22 PCP air rifles shooting 750 fps of less qualify.

The Game:
We will be shooting a field target match using knock down targets at ranges from 10 to 55 yards with bulls eyes from 0.5 to 2.0 inches.

Gates Open ................ 8:00 am
Course set up...............8:00 am
Regstn and sight in .......8:30 am
Match start:.................9:00am (approx)

Other information:
Match fees will be $15 per person
"No" Food or beverages will be provided

Questions? Contact me at jimcyran "at" pacbell "dot" net

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August 23, 2020 00:59:37  

Yes we're still on  for Sunday

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August 24, 2020 13:35:30  

Augusts FT match was our first publicly announced event for 2020 which brought out 16 brave souls in spite a weeks long battle with wildfires and smoke.
As it turned out the smoke trend was mostly against the coast range and sierra foothills leaving us with pretty good conditions considering ....

We found the gate open early which allowed a quick & timely set up.  Having to stay within Cowboy town we set up 12 lanes of 2 targets per, with lane 6 being the dreaded OFF HAND.  With 3 bell targets in the lane one target could be taken as kneeling.  This gave us a 50 shot match of which WAS NOT THE END .... We had set up lane 13 ( Lucky or Unlucky as 13 is for some ) we had 2 more targets that were put out as a BONUS LANE if you choose to shoot it ?  * Being my intent to not just have it be extra points if you knocked them down ... if you MISSED it would cost you points deducted from the 50 shot primary match  :o  This made for a multi dimensional gamble ... Rule of the lane was, you don't have too shoot both targets, but do need to shoot at one 2 times if you addressed the lane.  Some only shot the first and chickened out on the second & most just went for it !!  All but 2 shooters took the gamble and shot lane "13"   Targets were a 3/8" at 15 yards ( 40 troyer difficulty ) and a 5/8" at 37 yards ( 59 troyer difficulty ) EXPERT to HIGH EXPERT rating.

We had our morning practice and got the match going by shortly after 9:00 and were finished by @ noon.   Those who had passed "13" were allowed to shoot it last so a line formed as giggles and groans filled the air realizing lane "13" was no joke being seriously difficult !!!

Speedy break down and pick up were done and most headed home.  5 of us stayed around and played AG till @ 4:00 or so.

Totals with +/- Lane "13" gains or losses

Jim C  52   +2  *Cleaned the 50 primary & High Match Score
John B  51  +4
Scott S  49  +4
Fred B  47  +4
Steve D  44  +2
Jim M  34  0
Frank W  34  DNS
Conrad R  32  +2
Larry G  27  -4

Alex J  47  +2
Dave C  45  0
Darren T  27  -4
AJ  12  DNS

Son L  41  0
Jim P  31  -2

Jesse A  12  -4

That was FUN for everyone and a whole lot better than staying at home.  Until next month where we meet on SATURDAY the 26th in IONE at the Sacramento shooting center.  Stay well, practice when you can, Tell a friend !   CYA all next month.

Scott Schneider
Jim Cyran
SVFTC match directors.

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August 25, 2020 16:43:20  


Big Thank You to Jim Cyran and Scott Schneider for putting on the excellent quality Field Target Matches these past months in the face of California Lock-Down mentality.  Speaking for myself, and probably several others, the Sac Valley FT matches are the high point of otherwise rather boring months of very little being open around the state.  The Bonus lane is a great idea to add another layer of excitement and mental calculation to the matches.  I hope to see them continue.

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August 30, 2020 21:04:52  

I like the strategy/know you're limits factor of the bonus target, sounds like fun.