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[Sticky] Oregon St 2020 FT Championships & AAFTA GP at Ashland, Or July 17th-19th  


Wayne Burns
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2020-05-10 21:02:10  

Oregon State 2020 Field Target Championship and AAFTA Grand Prix 7 -17- 19


The Oregon St 2020 FT Championships will be held under Covid 19 guidelines.  Attendance will be limited to 24 competitors.  Shooters meeting will have marked spots for competitors to stand.  Masks are recommended as a courtesy to other competitors, AND all competitors will be required to stay 6’ apart at all times.

Meals will still be provided, but will be hot, served from heated serving trays or crockpots.

Please bring your own beverages other than water, which we will supply.

Course of fire will be 17 lanes with 3 targets per lane.  One shot per target with 6 mins to setup, take your 3 shots and get off the shooting platform. The same course will be shot both days, but 40% of the targets will be moved or shot from a different distance.  The matches will start at 10am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.

Two competitors per squad and the scoring competitor will have a chair at least 6’ behind the shooting squad member where they can see all the targets being scored.

The Pistol Match will be on Friday afternoon at 3pm.  It will be a 7 lane course with 3 targets per lane and two shots per target.

Sight In will be open from 7am to 2:30pm on Friday (and after the match Friday as well), and 7am to 9:45 Saturday and 8:45 on Sunday.  The indoor two person 25m zero range will be limited to one person at a time.  Please limit your time there to 20 mins if someone is waiting to use it.

Please send a check or use the new website to register.    Here is the registration page   If you want to send a check or paypal as a friend instead, paypal to

Camping onsite is available to the first 8 registered guests.  See the website for nearby camping or motels.


 Match Fees are $75 for both days of Rifle, and $35 for the Pistol match.  The camping and meals package is another $50 if you want to have breakfast and BBQ dinners while camping onsite.

Make checks payable to Wayne Burns/Oregon St FT 2020

Send to:   PO box 3180, Ashland, Or.  97520

First 24 competitors to confirm with payment will be the contestants.

Email me for more info


I’ll try to let you know how many spots are left as we progress.


Wayne Burns,

Match Director,

2020 Oregon St. Field Target Championship & AAFTA Grand Prix

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2020-05-10 21:28:35  

Good going Wayne!  Finally some good news on the FT front.         Uj