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Next ASC FT Match is Saturday, August 22nd  


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August 8, 2020 22:55:14  

Good evening everyone,

ASC will have our next FT match on Saturday August 22, 2020 (the 4th Saturday of the month as usual). This match will be 60 shots using 3 targets per lane. The start time will be 9:00am to get us out of there before it gets too hot. The only reason I will cancel the match is if it is raining (drizzle doesn’t count). 

As per our last match in June and other FT matches, we will have some different procedures to follow for this match, so please adhere to these if you wish to participate:
·       Follow social distancing guidelines from Tarrant County and the State of Texas before, during and after shooting.
·       We prefer that you wear a mask while at the range, if not for your protection then to protect others.
·      I will try to come up with a bottle of hand sanitizer, but please bring your own just in case I can’t find any.
·       We will have one shooter per lane unless more than 15 show up, and then we will have 2 shooters per lane.  You will be on your honor to record your scores appropriately if shooting solo. Maintain distance while shooting and scoring. 
·       No water or snacks or lunch will be provided, bring your own.

Gates will open at 7:30 for sight in and sign up.
Safety meeting at 8:45. Rifle match to start at 9:00.
All rifles must be in a case or rifle carrier when moving between lanes.
Please note that it is a club rule that all shooters wear appropriate EYE protection. We don't have extras so remember to bring your own.
The chiggers are out, so bring bug spray or you may be sorry.
ASC Members $5, non-Members $10

Arlington Sportsman’s Club is located at: 11500 County Road 525, Mansfield, TX 76063(Also called Lillian Road)



Jeff Cloud

ASC FT Match Director

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August 22, 2020 21:36:41  

FT Match Report Arlington Sportsman’s Club 08/22/2020

We seem to be getting back on track with matches at the Arlington Sportsman’s Club (ASC) in Mansfield Texas and as is usual for Texas in August, today it was very hot.  We started out at 78F when the match started and ended up at 98F when it finished with little to no wind today.  We were really sweating out on the archery course today.  Only 11 hearty shooters showed up for this match spread out on 10 lanes in our wooded course.  The match this month was 56 shots with 3 targets per lane including an offhand and kneeling lane.  The average Troyer was 29.9, SD 6.89, Avg Dist 28.8 yds, and Avg KZ 1.04”.  The course was a little shorter this time, but I compensated for that by using smaller KZ’s.  Heehee.  I heard some great discussions about the dark targets sitting in the deep shadows on lanes 2-4, and then also heard about the raccoon target with illegal size KZ on lane 6.  That target was just barely legal at ¾” dia KZ placed at 35 yards, and it was definitely the hardest target on the course today.  More than half of the shooters got that target at least once. Great shooting everyone!

Thanks once again to my co-director Terry Vanpool who painted all the targets, and to everyone who joined us at the match, helped run the strings in the morning, and finally helped take down the course afterwards.  Your help is really appreciated since it usually takes about 3 hours on Friday to get the match all setup for Saturday.

At the end of the match, we turned in our score cards, and social distanced around the picnic tables in the shade while I tallied the scores. Dave Cole from Tulsa OK was first in Hunter PCP with a score of 51/56 beating out Terry Vanpool also with a 51/56 based on their performance on the offhand lane.  Faisal Khan finished 3rd in Hunter PCP with 45/56.  In Hunter Piston Mark Welker from Tulsa OK (actually Talala OK but who knows where that is!) finished 1st with 45/56 and Eric Pianori finished 2ndwith a respectable 32/56.  I was the only WFTF Piston class shooter finishing with 49/56 and Cliff Montgomery finished with 41/56 in Open PCP.  View the full list of all competitors’ scores and equipment below.

We never did find Jim Leggett’s Marauder magazines from the last match.  Sorry Jim!

Once again, for all of you that couldn’t make it out this time, I want you to know that we maintain social distancing while shooting and take other precautions to keep everyone safe.  If there is anything missing or something that could be improved for an upcoming match, please let me know.  I’d like to invite any of you reading this out to shoot and try field target even if you don’t own an air rifle, because we have some to loan you to shoot with.  Just let me know ahead of time and we can plan for you to shoot with someone experienced.  We’d love to have you join us.  We will have our next match the 4th Saturday in September (26th).


See you at the next match,

Jeff Cloud

Field Target Match Director

Arlington Sportsman’s Club

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Dave Cole
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August 22, 2020 22:06:00  

Thanks for hosting the match. It was a lot of fun and a long drive but worth it. (715 miles round trip)

Looking forward to shooting with you guys again at Pecan Plantation in September.
A couple of more from unknown and non pronounceable towns in NE Oklahoma plan on attending as well as a few from the OKC gun club.


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August 23, 2020 14:43:15  

Good job Dave