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Next ASC FT Air Rifle Match is Saturday February 22  


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February 5, 2020 23:59:06  
Good evening everyone, 
I want to let you know that the next airgun Field Target (FT) match at ASC will be Saturday, February 22 (the 4th Saturday of the month as usual). This next match will once again be between 50-60 shots using 3 targets per lane, and I plan to use the tower again this time as the standing lane. I am keeping the start time at 10:00am to allow for the temperature to rise a little before the match starts just in case. The only reason I will cancel the match is if it is snowing, raining (drizzle doesn’t count), or below 32F. Look for an email 2 days before with final notification.
Gates will open at 7:30 for sight in and sign up. 
Safety meeting at 9:45. Rifle match to start at 10:00.


All rifles must be in a case or rifle carrier when moving between lanes. 
Please note that it is a club rule that all shooters wear appropriate EYE protection. We don't have extras so remember to bring your own. 
ASC Members $5, non-Members $10 

Arlington Sportsman’s Club is located at: 11500 County Road 525, Mansfield, TX 76063(Also called Lillian Road)




Jeff Cloud
FT Match Director

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February 23, 2020 18:26:23  

FT Match Report Arlington Sportsman’s Club 02/22/2020

The Field Target match at the Arlington Sportsman’s Club (ASC) in Mansfield Texas was quite a bit smaller than usual, probably based on weather forecast.  Well, the 9 shooters who showed up for this match were blessed with decent weather with some sun and also some wind to challenge their shooting skills on 10 lanes in our wooded course.  Once again, the match was 60 shots with 3 targets per lane with 6(!) total offhand targets again this month.  Using 3 targets per lane just makes the match run more quickly and gets everyone home to their families sooner.  The average Troyer was 30.4, SD 5.59, Avg Dist 30.3 yds, and Avg KZ 1.13”.  I had a surprise on Lane 5 this match, when I once again placed a target inside of a large rain barrel laid on its side but then covered the back end of the open barrel with a cloth, so that the target was very dark.  It was much darker than last month and difficult to see the killzone, but most shooters were able to find the KZ and knock it down.  Great job everyone!

Thanks once again to Terry Vanpool who painted all the target distances and helped setup the match on Friday, and finally to everyone who joined us at the match, helped run the strings in the morning, and finally helped take down the course afterwards. Your help is really appreciated since it usually takes about 4 hours to get the match all setup for Saturday.

At the end of the match, we turned in our score cards and tallied the scores. I was blessed to achieve the match high score 53/60, while Bob Dye was first in Hunter PCP with a score of 50/60.  Terry Vanpool finished 2ndin Hunter PCP with 46/60, and Faisal Khan was 3rdagain with 42/60.  Eric Pianori was first in Hunter Piston with 36/60 and club member Tommy Taylor was 2ndwith a respectable 20/60.  Tommy has been shooting with us for about 6 months and is making steady progress on his FT and ranging skills.  We had 3 WFTF class shooters where I ended up 1stusing my Whiscombe to achieve 53/60 in WFTF Piston and Cliff Montgomery was 2ndwith 24/60. View the full list of all competitors’ scores and equipment below.

For all of you that couldn’t make it out this time, you continue to miss competitive matches with a bunch of great folks.  If there is anything missing or something that could be improved for an upcoming match, please let me know.  I’d like to invite any of you reading this out to shoot and try field target even if you don’t own an air rifle, because we have some to loan you to shoot with.  Just let me know ahead of time and we can plan for you to shoot with someone experienced.  We’d love to have you join us.  We will have our next match next year the 4th Saturday in March (28th).

See you at the next match,

Jeff Cloud

Field Target Match Director

Arlington Sportsman’s Club

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