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Good Ole Boys match report, May 2020  


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May 11, 2020 09:27:49  

Six quarantine weary shooters were able to make Roz's GOB match Saturday.  Skies were beautiful clear blue but for May it was an unusually chilly start around 40 degrees.  It warmed to the low 50's by match end but the cold and a tricky challenging wind, 9-13mph according to the weather service, kept everyone humble LOL.

We shot in singles to keep proper physical distances so the match moved along very quickly.

WFTF class-

1. 50/60 - Danny Ayers/Thomas Carbine/Leupold 35x/JSB 8.4

Open PCP class-

1. 43/60 - Rick Thompson/RAW TM500/Sightron 10-50/JSB 10.3
2. 42/60 - Roz Sumpter/RAW TM1000/Sightron 10-50/AA 8.4
3. 38/60 - Bill Ellis/USFT/Falcon X50/JSB 10.3
4. 34/60 - Jeff Hale/RAW HM1000/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.3

Hunter class-

DNF - Brent Browning


DRAGON64 and phepler thanked