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GOB May 8th match + Match Report

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Roz likes the weather forecast for Saturday, May 8th.  So the scheduled GOB match is a 'GO.'

8am sightin, 9am match start.  Hope to see you all there.

Cliff for Roz

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Match Report courtesy of David Slade this time:


The weather held out until we had all finished!! Woo Hoo!
Six shooters came out, including Brent who is recovering from Gall bladder surgery, Cliff is back from Florida, and Roz is back on form!
Danny had a family event on Saturday, so went out and helped Roz mow and clean the course Friday, check strings and paint, and after that he shot the course, apparently it was quite windy on Friday, but still better than not shooting.
Roz is back on form, no one came close to his score, or the smile on his face.
On a different note, the range fees for both Roz's match and the Invicta are going to be $10 per shoot from now.
See you in a few weeks, lets hope the weather improves,
Match Winner
56/60 Roz Sumpter    TM1000            BSA 10-50        JSB 8.4
Open Class
56/60 Roz Sumpter    TM1000            BSA 10-50        JSB 8.4
51/60 Bill Ellis            Steyr LG110    Sightron 10-50    JSB 10.3
47/60 Cliff Smith         TM1000           Sightron 10-50    AA 10.3
World Class
52/60 David Slade        Steyr LG110    Nikko 10-50        JSB 8.4
51/60 Danny Thomas   Thomas          March 10-60        JSB 8.4
Hunter Class
27/60 Brent Browning   HW100            UTG 4-16            AA 10.3

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Roz really knocked it out of the park, that's great! 

Looks like Brent got a new gun too! 

And $10 is ridiculously cheap for the amount of work yall put into the course. It's always an excellent place to shoot, at Invicta or the GOB club. Hope to see yall at the next one! 

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Wow! I miss all the good ones.

Way to go Roz! I think you've been sand baggin us for a while now haha

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