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GOB June match, Saturday 6/12/2021 + Match Report

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Roz says the weather forecast is only 30 percent chance of rain Saturday, so the match is on. Practice starts at 8am, match starts at 9am, match fee is $10.


Hope you can join us.




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Apologies for the late report of last weekend's match, the report was delinquent even before the sad news of Pat Obrien's passing but that made it even worse.  Firemarshall was a true ambassador for our sport and exemplified the spirit and sportsmanship that attracted me to this game.  He will be missed greatly.


The best turnout of the year was greeted with nice conditions Saturday. Thunderstorms were near but steered clear of us for the duration of the shoot. Summer has definitely arrived and those of us (me) wearing the portable sweat lodge (shooting coat) were well drenched by the end of the match as the heat index pushed into the mid 90's. Winds were mild but tricky enough to cause some consternation on the long ones.


For the first time in more than a year some of us shot in pairs instead of solo. What a refreshing change that was...


It was a tight battle for Open class with Bill Ellis squeaking out the win. I shot with Bill and if not for a couple of lanes he would have been up there for the overall win. Brent set a new personal best in Hunter.  I took home the WFTF title with Slade mumbling something about cleaning the barrel... (Pat would've loved that one, LOL)


Here's the numbers:


54/60 - Danny Ayers/Thomas Carbine/March 10-60x56HM/JSB 8.4
38/60 - David Slade/Steyr LG110/Nikko 10-50/JSB 8.4


Open PCP:
49/60 - Bill Ellis/Steyr LG110/Sightron 10-50x60/JSB 10.3
48/60 - Mike Wright/Thomas/Sightron 10-50x60/JSB 13.4
45/60 - Jeff Hale/RAW HM1000/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.3
41/60 - Jim Baumann/Marauder/Konus 12-50/AA 10.3
41/60 - Roz Sumpter/RAW TM1000/BSA 10-50/AA 8.4
34/60 - Cliff Smith/RAW TM1000/Sightron 10-50/AA 10.3


Hunter PCP:
29/60 - Brent Browning/HW100/UTG 4-16/AA 10.3


Hope you can join us next time and be on the lookout for the Tennessee State Match announcement forthcoming very soon.


All the best,