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FT- Rifle and Pistol Sept 20th, Concord Ca  


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September 13, 2020 22:30:18  

Diablo Rod & Gun, Rifle and Pistol FT Match.

Rifle sets up at 8:30 am, and after that match, ending near noon, we will move targets in  a little for a shorter FT Pistol match. The Pistol match will be flexible- if you want to shoot a low powered springer, CO2 or PCP rifle, you are welcome to participate in your own class.  We intend to provide 50 + rifle targets and 30+targets for Pistol.

$10 for members gets you both or either match.
$15 for guests.

Please, pellet guns only and we recommend using a scoped rifle.
Corona Rules are in place- masks and 6' of separation.
Do not compete if you are in Corona protection protocols or consider your health at risk due to pre-existing conditions. 

Exact change required

Eye protection mandatory, hearing pro -optional.  Youth 18 and under shoot for free, but need an adult supervisor.

We have loaner guns and some of the nicest people on the planet for you to shoot with. 

To use a loaner, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance.

Be someone and shoot Field Target!  

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September 20, 2020 21:03:08  

FT- Rifle and Pistol Sept 20th, Concord Ca Match Report

A great day at the range- good sun, light winds, and a good turnout of our favorite people. The smog abated and most of the targets cooperated.

There was the occasional missing rivet hole that made one wonder if the pellet was passing through instead of knocking the target down, but the odds of a .177 passing cleanly through a .10 hole is slim.

I'll be filling those holes, btw, just to keep the course fair for all.

The pistol match turned out to be the most fun for all. We moved some easy targets in, and left a couple challenge targets out on the course. Dennis shot his Izzy, a 420 fps pneumatic and was knocking them down at 35 yards with Crosman 7.9 grain pellets. Awesome stuff to watch.


Dennis with his Izzy!

Dana looking a little warm out in the sun

Riz and Dave putting on their game faces:

Jim P hot swapping his scope mid match...

A huge shout out to all who pitched in to setup, tear down and help running the match!

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September 21, 2020 11:11:16  

Great day in the bay shooting FT with friends.  * FYI the rifle course had a 52 shot possible