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FT match near Luna, NM on Sat, 05/08/21

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The Southwest Airgunners Aspen Mountain Airgun Rendezvous events are a go for this summer! 

Ever shot field target at 8600 feet above sea level?!?! Not many have but these matches will give you that opportunity.

After 2 successful shoots last summer, Rex decided to put on some matches again this year. The tentative idea is to have them on the second weekends of May, June, and July. 

Planned events include a 20fpe silhouette match on Friday afternoon/evening, starting at 4pm, and a field target course on Saturday morning, starting at 10am. Both will be held at Arizona time (AZ is one hour behind NM time right now). Last year we did 13 lane courses as we want to get some serious shooting in if the effort to travel has already been put forth. 

Rules for the silhouette event are simple: 20fpe limit, ram/turkey/pig/chicken/chicken at each of 40/50/60/70/yards, total of 20 shots per round, shot from any field target position, timed. 

Rules for the FT match will be similar to what is practiced across the country, essentially AAFTA rules (20fpe limit, Open, Hunter, WFTF classes). We also have a Freestyle class which is pretty much anything goes, with the exception of a power limit of 20foot pounds. 

No match fee required but a donation of $5-10 would be greatly appreciated, going towards target maintenance and the continued establishment of the club. On that note, Rex used some of last year's donations to buy some new targets from Bill C. Bills a top level WFTF shooter and knows how to make outstanding targets. We're hoping to swap out some of those couple that some felt weren't falling reliably last summer with the brand spanking new ones.

As for location, we're out in the National Forest but I suggest to start with directions from GPS or Google to Luna, New Mexico, in Catron County. (There is also a Luna County in New Mexico, down on the border with Mexico, that's the wrong place.) On HWY 180, about 9 miles south of the tiny town of Luna, NM turn west onto Forest Road 209. The turn off is at mile marker 14. Follow FS209/Saddle Mountain Lookout Road about 2.6 miles. FS209 is gravel, somewhat narrow, and gains elevation but we had some camp trailers and even a low clearance cars make it last year just fine. Also, it's been a VERY dry winter, so we shouldn't be dealing with any muddy snow melt situations.


Many of us will be camping with tents/trailers and anybody is welcome to join the camping. There is no established camp site, just dispersed camping wherever you'd like. The earliest of us will likely get to the site on Thursday and stay til Sunday evening (lotsa shooting!). If you're not the camping type, nearest lodging would be in Alpine, AZ or Ranch Grande Estates, NM. 

Here are some pics from last summer's matches. 


We're a pretty laid back bunch, and these events last year turned into really cool airgun-filled weekends, just shooting and enjoying the mountains, each other's company, and airguns. And we're more than willing to share our guns, so it could turn into a opportunity to see and shoot some gear that you otherwise may not ever be around. The more the merrier. First timers are not only welcome but highly encouraged. We'd love to show you how fun field target can be. Don't be intimidated by not ever having shot a match before.

Think warm camping gear and jackets, I suspect we'll still have some chilly nights and early mornings at 8600 feet this early in May. 

PM for any questions or concerns or if you'd just like more info.