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Field Target Match This Saturday, August 8th, in Bristol, Wisconsin  


Fred J
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August 4, 2020 20:16:30  

Bagerland Airgun Association will be hosting a Field Target match August 8th at the Conservation Club of Kenosha County (CCKC) in Bristol, Wisconsin. The Field Target trail is located in a stately forest of hardwoods and pine trees. The range opens for sighting in at 9:30 AM with a shooter safety meeting at 10:20 AM. The match begins immediately after the safety meeting.

Use face coverings when 6 feet separation is not possible. Each participant should bring their own hand sanitizer.

The cost of the match is $10 for CCKC members and $15 for non-members. Lunch is provided for a $5 donation. CCKC is located at 21001 85th St, Bristol, WI.

Hope to see you there!

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August 6, 2020 21:26:29  

Can''t make it this Saturday, but how do I get on your mailing list??  There was nothing on your website except the range was closed due to Covid.

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August 7, 2020 14:14:54  

Note, the BAGA website is maintained minimally. Go to the BAGA Facebook page for current info.

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