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Field Target Match - Southeast PA in Fairless Hills, PA - Sunday 11/17/19  


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November 3, 2019 19:32:40  

The Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association in Fairless Hills PA (Philadelphia suburb) will be holding our fourth Field Target match of the 2019 season on Sunday 11/17/19.  The 10 lane 60 shot course is laid out on the lakeside trails of the club’s 3D archery course. Within the confines of the 33 targets we’ve also laid out a 20 target / 40 shot course for those who wish to shoot pistol only or be adventurous and compete in both disciplines.  Approximately 1/3 of the targets are tree or pole mounted with higher elevation angles.  We’ve tried to pick new locations within our existing lane structure and use at least a couple of seldom used lane choices.  Even though the average distance is longer than usual for us, with lots of full size kill zones there will be plenty of targets that even novice and new shooters should be able to take down along with challenging lanes and targets for the more experienced entrants.  We certainly look forward to seeing all our regulars, urge them to bring a friend and invite anyone interested in Field Target to join us for some FT fun.


The full season match program with all details is pasted in below.


Larry Bowne for

The Field Target Committee at FTRPA


    Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Assn.

                                                           2019 Field Target Schedule

                                        354 Newbold Road, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania


DATES:                        May 19th, July 21th, September 15th & November 17th.  (The third Sunday of the month.)


CLASSES:                        AAFTA, WFTF, Hunter, Unlimited and Off-Hand.   PCP, CO2, Pneumatic and Spring powered rifles and pistols all permitted.  (additional non-AAFTA classes may be available).


RULESA 20 Foot Pound Maximum applies to all rifles; A 12 Foot Pound Maximum applies to all pistols.  Current AAFTA rules apply to both Rifle and Pistol configurations.   


ELIGIBILITY:             Open to all shooters.  Both club members and non-members alike.


FEES:                                         $8.00 for Rifle               $5.00 for Pistol            $12.00 for Rifle and Pistol                


TIME:                                Sight-in and practice 8:00 A.M. to 9:15 A.M.  Registration is from 8:00 A.M. until 9:15 A.M. The match begins at 9:30 A.M.  


COURSE OF FIRE:      Rifle:  The match will consist of 30 targets, two shots each.   Distances will be from 10 to 55 yards.

Pistol:  The match will consist of 20 targets, two shots each.  Distances will be 10 to 35 yards.

You may use open or optical sights.  Tie breaker targets will be used for both rifle and pistol, if a tie exists.  Rifle and Pistol matches will be shot concurrently.  If a shooter opts to shoot both rifle and pistol, they will shoot pistol first and then rifle at each lane.  Eye protection is required for shooters and spectators.


Sodas and water are available at the Archery club house. The match will be shot straight through with no lunch break.  Food will not be served.  You may bring your lunch and eat in the clubhouse after completing the match if you desire.


AWARDS:                         Awards will be based on raw scores.  Awards will be given for all classes.  Prizes will be awarded after the matches as soon as the scores are tallied.  Please Note: If there are insufficient shooters in a given class the match director may consolidate classes at their discretion.


DIRECTIONS:                From Rte 1 (freeway) south (from Trenton):  Take Rte 1 South to Rte 13 South (Tullytown –  Bristol). This is just past Snipes Nursery in Morrisville. Take Lower Morrisville Rd exit (only a few hundred yards after entering  Rte 13). At end of ramp make a right onto Lower Morrisville Rd (This will become Newbold Road). FTRPA is on the left side of the road approximately 7/10th of a mile from the exit ramp.

From Rte 1 (freeway) North:  Take Rte 1 North to exit for Rte 13 South (Tullytown – Bristol).    Take exit for Lower Morrisville Rd shortly after entering Rte 13. At end of ramp make a right onto Lower Morrisville Rd (This will become Newbold Road). FTRPA is on the left side of the road approximately 7/10th of a mile from the exit ramp.

From Calhoun Street Bridge:  Take Calhoun Street Bridge into Pennsylvania. Go through light at      end of bridge onto Trenton Avenue. Go 1.4 miles on Trenton Avenue and make left onto Rte 13. This is the 4th light after the light at the bridge and there is a Planet Fitness on the corner. Proceed on Rte 13 South for 1 mile to the Lower Morrisville Road exit. At end of ramp make a right onto Lower Morrisville Rd (This will become Newbold Road). FTRPA is on the left side of the road approximately 7/10th of a mile from the exit ramp .

MATCH DIRECTORS:            Rich Bassett,  Telephone: 215-942-7955,  E-Mail,  Jim Wilcox,  Telephone: 215-443-9631,  E-Mail:

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November 19, 2019 08:55:08  

Thank you to everyone that attended our match on Sunday and those that supported us throughout the year.  We do appreciate all of the help and support.

Larry is working a lot of hours this week so he will get the official match report posted as soon as time permits.

We hope to see you all again next year.

Rick B., Falls Twsp R & P Assn.

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November 24, 2019 14:57:07  

The Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association located in Southeastern PA held our fourth and final airgun Field Target match of our 2019 season on Sunday, 11/17/19.   Airgun Field Target shooters from around the Philadelphia metro area along with some road warrior types from Connecticut and Maryland decided to brave the unseasonably cold (temperatures between 33-41 degrees)  and windy  (12 mph with gusts to 16 mph) conditions to pit their shooting skills against the targets set out along the lanes of the course prepared along the trails of the club’s 3D archery course.

Recognizing that scheduling a match for mid- November might be an iffy situation with respect to the weather conditions Jim Wilcox, Rich Bassett and I decided to try to pick lanes for the course that would allow for a  just a short walk from even the first or last lane back to the archery clubhouse for a warm up break if needed.  With that in mind the 10 lane 60 shot rifle course was laid out with five lanes to the left of the clubhouse and five to the right.  Within the confines of the rifle layout, competitors could also try their skills with their air pistols by shooting at the 2 closest targets in each lane which sometimes required the addition of special pistol only targets if a rifle target was beyond the 35 yard pistol maximum distance.

Even though the walking length of the course was minimized by the lane selection, the target placement yielded our longest average target distance of this or any other season at 32.1 yards.  Nearly a third of the targets were beyond 40 yards but generous kill zones on these targets kept the difficulty at manageable levels.  We also had a third of the targets under 25 yards equipped with smaller kill zones.  The overall difficulty for the rifle course was 27.8 on the Troyer scale with individual targets ranging between a low of 16.0 and a high of 43.1.  For the pistol course the unweighted difficulty worked out to a 20.8 Troyer level where individual targets ranged from a low of 7.3 to a high of 35.0 on the Troyer scale.

Match day morning dawned with a thick coating of frost on the windshield of the Plinkermobile when I left home for the range at 6:45 AM to set up the targets on the sight in range.   Match Director Rich Bassett was already in the clubhouse with the heater running and organizing the sign in paperwork for registrations when I arrived.  The setup of the sight in range was nearly complete when in rolled the early arriving Tom Ryan who volunteered to start stretching out the reset strings on lanes six through ten while I worked on lanes one through five.  Splitting the job got us both a chance to warm up in the clubhouse before the 8:00 AM opening of the sight in range.  The rest of the stalwart entrants including new shooter Ronald Glenn made their appearances over the next hour or so, taking time to check zeros and get some practice in before Rich gathered everybody in the toasty confines of the clubhouse for the pre-match shooter’s meeting.  Rich reviewed range safety and match protocols then gave out the squadding and starting lane assignments before dispatching the shooters to the lanes and reminding them to take a warmup break in the clubhouse if need be.

It may have been the low temps or the biting wind, but something kept everybody moving briskly through the lanes, so the last shots went downrange by early afternoon.  When the scorecards were tallied some impressive sores were posted despite the conditions.  The match high score of 56/60 belonged to Leo Gonzalez earning him first place in the WFTF/Open Combined Division trailed closely by Brian Van Liew’s 55/60 while Al Otter took third in this group with a score of 48/60.  Great shooting guys.  The order of finish in the Hunter Division was equally close where Vasyl Povroznyk finished in first place with his 52/60.  Greg Dipple was nipping at his heels in second place carding a 51/60 score and Tom Ryan finished third at 49/60.  Craig Evans had equipment problems forcing him to DNF (did not finish) making Vasyl’s 27/40 the winning score in the Pistol Division.  A full list of all the competitors scores and gear will be posted at the end of this report.

Once the scores were announced and the awards presented, Match Director Rich Bassett revealed the results and distributed prizes for the season long club championship.  Shooters are ranked based on their aggregate scores from all their matches during the season.  The key to winning is too shoot well and to shoot often.  Mike Harris finished in third and earned one free match next season, Tom Ryan came in second and earned two free matches while first place and three free matches went to Brian Van Liew.

As always thanks to the FTRPA archers for the use of the lanes and clubhouse for the day and to all the shooters who spend the time and money and expend the effort to join us throughout the season.  Special thanks go out to Hector Medina, Tom Ryan, Ed Carter, Mike Harris and Scott Whitlock who stayed after the match to help with pick up and pack up of all the targets, bases, stands and other match paraphernalia.  Our 2020 schedule is not yet finalized but we look forward to seeing everyone at our next match in the spring.

Larry Bowne for

The Field Target Committee at FTRPA














Vasyl Povroznyk



AA 10.3


Greg Dipple

AA S-510


JSB 10.34


Tom Ryan

Thomas FT


JSB 13.4


Ed Carter



JSB 10.34


Scott Whitlock

FX T-12




Greg Evans



JSB 10.3


Ronald Glenn



JSB 10.34










Leo Gonzales


Sightron 50X

JSB 8.4


Brian Van Liew

FX 400

Nikko Diamond

AA 10.3


Al Otter

USFT 299

March 80X



Hector Medina

CCA D-54

Sightron 29X



Mike Harris

TX 200


AA 8.4


Rick Bassett


Luepold 40X

AA 8.44


Larry Bowne

AA ProSport

Bushnell 32X

AA 8.4










Vasyl Povroznyk

Cros 1720T




Craig Evans

Cros 1720




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November 24, 2019 15:14:34  

For those interested in the details of the course layout, please see the attached file


Larry Bowne for the

Field Target Committee at FTRPA