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Field Target - Airgun Silhouette all winter long at Diablo Rod and Gun, Concord, Ca  


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We'll still be doing our Airgun activities through the winter months. Barring a Covid-19 shutdown, the first Sunday of every month, we offer Airgun Silhouettes- details below.
The third Sunday of every month, Field Target.
We have the Multipurpose Range, an all season, covered shooting bay range reserved.

I plan on using it for these events, along with our regular Wednesday and Friday fun shoots.

That's right- that is ten days of Airgun shooting a month, with a 200 yard range, under cover, in Concord Ca.

There is a .25 cal limit on the range, and a 20 ft/lb limit for Silhouette and Field Target.

Field Target is scheduled for Dec 20th, and Air gun Silhouette on Dec. 6th.

Airgun Silhouette 12/6/2020
'Tis the season to be Jolly~- so, kinda like our Arab friends who celebrate by shooting their guns into the air, we shoot air out of the guns.
Into a safe backstop.

'Merica- Celebrate the Holidays safely!

Diablo Rod and Gun, Concord Ca- MPR Range

9:00 am setup, 9:30 am for a short sight in and the match shortly thereafter.

.22 cal and under, 20 ft/lb max.

We offer a pistol version as well, 12 ft/lb and under.

Airgun Rifle silhouette animals are: chickens- 20 yards; pigs- 30 yards; turkeys- 36 yards, and rams- 45 yards

We have some great targets that are easily re-settable and you can see where you miss if you happen to do so...

We provide 40 targets per relay, with two relays possible to shoot at this match.

How many you hit is up to you.

$10 for members
$15 for guests.

You may shoot rested, or off hand. We have a sub 12 ft/lb version as well, with reduced distances, with proportionally reduced targets- perfect for airgun pistol and 10 meter air guns.

Don't Forget- Airgun Field Target on Dec 20th- it's happening!

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Diablo Rod & Gun Air Rifle/Pistol FT Match- Cancelled

Diablo Club events are cancelled until Contra Costa County is removed from California's Purple Status.

The Public ranges are still open- Shotgun and the Public Shooting range for rifle and pistol also.

The Diablo President directive is thoughtful and offers hope for the near future:

"I am directing that our club activities and events all be suspended whenever the COVID level for our county is in the purple tier.
Using this criteria allows us to make the best decisions to help protect people in our community and the members of our club.

I understand that some other ranges in the area are open, and I believe USI public ranges are open as well which is appropriate for them as they support critical workers such as law enforcement. Shooting ranges are critical for law enforcement needs, but not our hobbies.
I know shooting is an outside activity, but the health order also states that you are not to attend even outdoor activities with people outside of your family unit, and a club event is a group activity with people in different families.

Let's stay safe and encourage our members to spend time with their families over the holidays."

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Happy New Year and looking forward to resuming activities in January. BTW, Decembers Silhouette match was awesome. No wind, good sun- hope to see you at the next one!