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February 13 Field Target Match CASA, Sylmar CA + Match Results

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Date:   Saturday 02/13/2021

Setup:   7:15 am-8:30 am

Sight-in: After range setup is complete  approximately 8:30 am- 9:00 am              

Match Start Time:  Approximately 9 am

Cost:   $15 members; $17 non-members

Where:  ANGELES SHOOTING RANGE (ASR),12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Lake View Terrace (Sylmar), CA 91342

Look for the CASA metal storage shed on the left side of main parking lot and adjacent to the ASR entrance road. Sign-in and sighting-in is next to the CASA shed.  Our Field Target range (match site) is on the right-hand side of the main ASR entrance road, approximately 100 yards south of the shed. 

All matches are on the SECOND SATURDAY and FOURTH SUNDAY of each month. Guns must shoot .177 to 22 caliber pellets, and less than 20 foot pounds of energy (fpe). Safety GLASSES AND HAT are required. All shooters welcome.  Bring your own water.

If you have a high power gun (+20fp), first Sunday of each month  is your only chance to shoot here , at this time.  

The following American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) divisions, in PCP and Piston classes, are offered: Hunter, Open, World Field Target Federation (WFTF), and Freestyle (not approved AAFTA class).

Generally, CASA matches are informally shot, but CASA will have at least one AAFTA match in which all shooters are bound by AAFTA rules.

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Great day for a CASA Field Target  match. We had 13 shooters come out , great seeing all of you.
Name              Gun        Scope      pellet             Score    

Seth Perry      Dana       Altima 6x  AA 177                    20/48
(Seth is a junior shooter and first FT match. He did an outstanding job.) 

Open Class

Kelly Hawe     Red Wolf   Comp 40x   JSB 10.4               46/48

Hunter Freestyle

Rick Rogers LG110  Sightron SIII  JSB 10.4                   43/48

Colby Van Dyck  Daystate Aztec  JSB 177                      37/48

Art Burciaga   HM1000   Hawke 8x32x50  Hades 177      34/48

Will Stoval  Hawke  Crosman 10.4                                 11/48


 John Knapp , ,Steyr Hawke 8x32x56  AA 10.4               43/48

Al Padilla  AA500  Aeon 6x24x50  JSB 10.4                       37/48

Micheal Slern  FX Maverick  UTG4x16x  Hades ?             15/48

Open Springer

Ron Jobbs  Bushnell 32x JSB 8.4                                   26/48

Phil M. AA TX200   ??  H&N HT                                      15/48

Jack Chavez  HW97K UTG4x16x  Hades 177  0/48 ( Jack lost his zero, but was hitting the targets)

Crosman Back Packer

Patrick Hall  UTG 6x  Benjamin 14.3                              7/48 

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