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ESCAA Final Match of the season second try Saturday 11-23-19 weather permitting  


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November 11, 2019 18:28:08  

Hi all ESCAA on Long Island  will be trying again to  have  our final match of the 2019 season, Saturday 11-23-19 weather permitting

I hope you can Join us

CLASSES: AAFTA: OPEN: PCP & Spring Piston, WFTF: PCP & Spring Piston, HUNTER: PCP & Spring Piston, OFF-HAND, JUNIOR, PISTOL and UNLIMITED. 

RULES: A 20 Foot Pound Maximum applies to all rifles; Current AAFTA rules apply. 

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all shooters both club members and non-members. 

FEES: $15.00 for Non – members and 10.00 for members. If you want to shoot 2 classes, there is no additional fee

TIME: Sight-in and practice 9:00 A.M. to 10:15 A.M. Registration is from 9:00 A.M. until 10:15 A.M. The Rifle match begins at 10:30 A.M.  


The match will consist of 30 targets, (10 lanes 3 targets per lane) 2 shots per target for a total score of 60. The lanes will be shot near to far and timers will be used.

The pistol match will be 40 shots and shoot concurrently with the rifle match. 

The shooting order will be Hunter class, Open class, WFTF class and Off-Hand class

Scoring will be “x” for a knock down and “0” for miss, the scoring for Junior will be “2” for a knock down and “1” for a face hit. Distances will be from 10 to 55 yards.

AWARDS: Awards will be based on raw scores. Awards will be given for all classes and will be awarded after the matches as soon as the scores are tallied.

DIRECTIONS: Address: 724 Middle Country Road, Ridge, NY 11961 this address is across the road from the entry of the range

From the LIE (Long Island Express way) East or West take exit 68 North (William Floyd Parkway) to Route 25 East stay on route 25 east for about a mile on the left side you will see the Brookhaven Shooting Range the Airgun Range is located behind the registration building. 


Tom Wade phone: 631-463-4223, E-Mail:
Tom Holland, Telephone: 347-886-1249, E-Mail:

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November 21, 2019 14:24:01  

The course is all sent and ready to go the weather is looking clear but cold low to mid 40's hope to see you there

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November 24, 2019 15:01:25  

Eastern Suffolk Competitive Airgunners Association November 23, 2019 Match Report

 We had our last match of the 2019 season on Saturday November 23, 2019 this was a makeup match our October 27, so the layout of the match was done all, I had to do was place the targets and put out the lane marker. The day of the match arrived it was cold 28 degrees when I got to the range, the first thing I did was setup the sight in range then I went the course to pull the strings and check the targets our matches are at a public range and when I set up a few day of a match I worry a bit that some of the targets may grow legs though that has never happened.

The temperature was rising as the match was going the sun was out no clouds, so it wasn’t to bad to shoot in. The average distance of the match was 36.27 yards and a difficulty of 31.16

We had 8 shooters and the results are as follows


Leo Gonzales - 44/60 / Walther LGU / Sightron 10-50 / AA 8.44

Mike Harris – 34/60 / AA TX200HC / Sightron 10-50 / AA 8.44


 Brian Van Liew - 49/60 / FX Bobcat / Nightforce / AA 10.3


Michael Gracia - 37/60 / AA Pro Sport / Hawke Airmax SF30 / 8.44

Roel Jackson - 32/60 / AA TX200 / UTG 4-16 / H&N 9.57

Joe Kruszon – 28/60 / AA TX200HC / Optisan 4-16 / AA 8.44


Vosyl Povroznyk - 41/60 / TM1000 / Aztec 5.5-25 / AA 10.3

Tom Wade - 43/60 / AA S500 / Hawke Airmax SF30 8-32 / JSB 10.3


Thanks to all the shooters that braved the cold and came to Long Island to shoot with us and helped clean up after the match, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and see everyone next year.