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DIFTA Match this Sunday (9/15)  


Paolo Amedeo
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2019-09-11 06:33:54  

Apologies to everybody for the late reminder.

Anyhow, this Saturday we will have a 60-shot match. As usual, there will be a few offhand shots and other forced position or fast lane, depending on how wet is the ground.

The overall difficulty of the course will be between 28T and 30T, with some easy shots and a few nasty targets.

At 8:30 we finalize the preparation of the course with setting the strings. Registration starts at 9:00; 9:45 mandatory shooters' meeting; 10:00 match start.

The sight-in range will be open as soon as we are done laying down the strings.

As usual, if there is enough interest, we will light up the grill after the match and grill whatever you brought (please, let me know if you prefer me to provide a sausage or two).

See you Sunday!

The DIFTA Staff