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Diablo Rod and Gun FT Match Results, 1.17.21

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Pulled off another winters (60 degrees- it's California!) FT Match at the United Sportsman Range. Hosted by Diablo Rod and Gun, 11 shooters participated in a 60 shot match. I thought the winds were tricky, but the score belie (or the shooters talents) overcame the conditions. Average score was 49, works out to a 82% knockdown ratio. There were 3 forced positions, with one target allowed to be taken kneeling if desired.


I've been hearing from shooters that love to shoot these matches, but hate/are incapable of shooting the off hand portion. We want everyone to participate that wants to. 

We are now providing an opportunity for those who desire a little assistance with Off Hand lanes. We offer a Primos Mono Pod Shooting Stick that anyone can take advantage of. We ask that shooters that use the Mono Pod aid to mark their score cards: "SoS" or "Stick of Support".  Hopefully, this will encourage those who find their heavy guns, or have a bad back, an opportunity to shoot the complete match.

No one needed the MonoPod at this event, but it will be available at our future Diablo Matches. Come on out, be someone and Shoot FT!


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