DCPA Mid Winter Off Hand Match  


Paul Cray
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2020-02-05 18:32:58  

The next DCPA FT Match will be held on February 16th at the DCPA range. As this will be my first time as match director please bear with me LOL!


This will be a 40 shot, all standing position match. Targets will be placed outside and the shooters will remain warm and dry by shooting from inside the pistol range!


Classes are: Open PCP, WFTF PCP, Hunter PCP, Open Piston, WFTF Piston, Hunter Piston, Pistol, and Junior Classes (Unlimited Shooters will shoot in the open division either Piston or PCP class).


Nearest target will be 10 yards and farthest is 45 yards.


Scoring for the Pistol Class will be as follows: 2 points for a knocked down target, 1 point for a hit on metal, and 0 points for a complete miss. All other classes score 1 point for a knocked down target and 0 points for everything else. We will be following the AAFTA rules.


Sight in lanes will open at 8:30AM, and the match will start at 10AM. Entry fee will be $10 for Adults and $5 for Shooters that are 16 y/o and under and $5 for the Second Class shot. Yes that is right you can shoot 2 classes during the match but you must use 2 different guns and you must shoot the harder class first. Order of classes to be shot is Hunter, Pistol, Standing, Piston, Open/PCP/WFTF/Unlimited with no exceptions. Juniors can not shoot 2 classes.


Hope to see you there!




Dutchess County Pistol Association,


47 St. Nicholas Road,


Wappingers Falls, NY 12590



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Hector J Medina G
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2020-02-07 10:41:47  

Wish I could go, Paul.

Thanks for the effort and best of lucks!



Paul Cray
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2020-02-17 10:36:22  

@hector-j-medina-g Sorry you can't make it. And thank you for your kind words! 



Paul Cray
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2020-02-17 10:38:58  

Thanks to all for traveling to shoot my first match as match director at DCPA! There's a lot more work that goes into setting up a match than I thought so I've a new found respect for anyone that puts on a shoot!

And a huge shout out and thanks to the members of Dutchess County Pistol Association members who turned up at 7am in the very cold temperatures to help me set up the match! Would not have been possible without their help!

We had 8 shooters show. With a guy shooting his first FT match! Always nice to see a new face!

This was a 40 shot all standing position match. Targets were placed from 10 to 45 yards.


Paul Cray 39
Tom Holland 36
John Eroh 36
Richard Hooker 10

Open PCP

Brian Vanliew 33

WFTF Piston

Leo Gonzales 37
Nathan Thomas 30

Hunter piston/Hunter PCP
Combined this division and after a shoot out Vasyl took 1st.
Vasyl Povroznyk 29
Tom Wade 29

Photos to follow.




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