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Concord CA FT Results Diablo Rod and Gun  


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January 19, 2020 19:46:01  

It was a beautiful day when I left my house, 15 minutes from the United Sportsman Range. 45 degrees and a promise of sun cheered my nephew and myself after awaking from a short respite- we had gone rat hunting the night before and got home around 1:00 am.
No matter, being tired wasn't a problem when you have a sunny January Sunday morn. I fed my nephew 5 eggs and topped them off with a large number of turkey sausages- the lad can eat, and nothing is better for morale than a full belly.

Arriving at the range, the sun had retreated behind some high clouds, light winds and had the temperature decline 10 degree's according to the dashboard computer..
The forecast was for a high of 55 degrees and light winds- the non forecasted cooler temps would keep our core temperature from exploding while carrying our 25 lb targets all over the Concord hills emplacing the targets.

Hell should have a special section for weather forecasters, especially ones who miss the mark by a mile. Today had one of those forecasts!
It was bitterly cold, windy, damp and we saw more overhead cloud cover and the wind increase as the day unfolded.
It was great!
Real shooters, men who all volunteered and helped to setup in the muddy clay, and all of them stayed until the very end.
Thank you all very much! Check out the smiles as everyone leaned into the day.


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January 19, 2020 22:25:02  

I know EXACTLY how you feel about weather forecasters.  We had the same situation at our match yesterday in Phoenix at BASF.

Our downfall was the wind.  Variable direction, variable velocity, and then the gusting.  Fun for sure........but no snow.

Glad you guys enjoyed your foray.  Ratting sounded like fun, too.

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January 21, 2020 16:30:59  

Way to stick to it, Mighty Men!