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CANCELLED: Falls Twsp. R & P Assn. May 2020 Match  


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2020-03-31 16:05:00  

We have decided to go ahead and cancel our May 2020 Field Target Match.  We will not be permitted to access our course until at least the beginning of May and as you all know, even that condition remains fluid.  Even then we will not have enough time to present our normal high quality club level match.  I would also point out that our July match, although not official yet, may also be cancelled.  Additionally our NRA airgun silhouette match for April is cancelled and most likely the June match as well.

Before traveling to our club for any match please check with a match director or associate match director to verify that the match is a go.

We at Falls enjoy shooting as much as anyone.  We will miss visiting and shooting with each and everyone of you who attend our matches.  Please use good judgment and stay safe.  We hope to see you all again at some future date.

Rick Bassett