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BCSA (Broome Co. Sportsmens Assoc.,Binghamton, NY) October 12th 2019 Match Results  


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BCSA (Binghamton, NY) October 12th, 2019 Match Report

Our 6th and final Match of the 2019 Season is complete. The early weather forecast was calling for late day rain….excellent! Well……Not so fast! The day before the match, the forecast changed and called for an all day chance of showers! Ok, match still on, let’s roll the dice. It was overcast with a light wind and just a couple of sprinkles. The temps for the day started in the low 40’s and ended in the mid 50’s.

As like last month, my wife Pat and I randomly placed the targets the day before. After setting the course, I used a rangefinder to get the distances. Upon returning back home, I ran the numbers and had set a 38.20 average yard course with a difficulty of 38.2T….oooppps! When we arrived at the range on match day, I adjusted a couple of targets in order to bring the difficulty down a little.

We ended up with 16 competitors for the day. Sight-in started right around 8am and after an hour of that and all the chit-chat, it was off to the Field Target range to start the day’s festivities! Many of the competitors for the day were sighting in 2 rifles each………more on that later.

After a quick shooters meeting, it was game on! The stats for the 30 target, 60 shot match course ended up with a difficulty of 35.86T with an average yardage of 36.73 yards. There was 1 kneeling lane and 1 standing lane. Also, 13 of the 30 targets were beyond 40 yards. We had 3 cold lines. One was a false alarm, one was due to the key ring blocking the KZ and the other was a rat decided he didn’t like being up on the bank and started to work his way back down to level ground! Other than that, things went pretty smooth!

After the conclusion of the rifle match, Ray Apelles was surprised by a visit from his dad and sister, Hans and Rosalie! In fact we all were! They are missed on the lanes and it was GREAT seeing them! They were there to bring a Birthday cake to share with all of us to celebrate Ray’s Birthday! Yep……time to get all sugared up before the pistol match!!

After our cake break, it was pistol match time! Well………..4 people shot pistol. Sean McDaniel and Glenn Thomas opted for Hunter while Leo Gonzales and Tom Hall opted for Hands only. 11 of us shot un-magnified rifles! Yep, a look below at the equipment list will show that! For quite a while, I have wanted people to shoot the pistol match with their 10M rifles. When we put our match announcement out last month, I started prepping our competitors for what was to come. This month, I laid down the course of fire. There would be 20 targets ranging from 10 yards to 35 yards and all would have black face plates with yellow full size KZ’s. I pulled out 20 brand new targets consisting of both Remington and Air Venturi. All the targets were tested and were going down with 2 fpe. This was gonna be fun! The only rule was all sights used were to be un-magnified and everyone was encouraged to keep the energy at 7 fpe or less. The stats for the pistol/10M match using the pistol spreadsheet from AAFTA was 20 targets with a difficult of 23.19T. The average yardage was 19.65 yards. Not sure what kind of difficulty factor should be added for un-magnified sights, so it was probably a little more difficult than it shows! To add to the difficulty level, John Eroh, decided to shoot all the targets standing with his open-sighted rifle!

Some of the pistol targets

After the conclusion of the pistol/10M match, everyone jumped in and helped with teardown! Thank you all! In no time, all the targets were packed up and it was time to relax and chat about the day. I asked what everyone thought about the 10M match and if I should do it again…….it was pretty much a unanimous YES! The paint scheme will change and we’ll alternate between pistol 1 month and 10M the next. This will keep things fresh and add a little fun in the mix!

Thanks to everyone that came out in 2019! We thank you for your support and will see you in 2020!!!!


The Pictures from Saturday’s match can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/vn6X4AF


The Results:

Rifle Match - 60 shots


Name Class Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Brian VanLiew    Open - PCP    FX 400T    Nikko Diamond 10-50    AA 10.34    56   
John Eroh    WFTF - PCP    Thomas Carbine    Sighton SIII 10-50    AA 10.34    43   
Rick Bassett    WFTF - PCP    Air Arms EV2 MKIV    Leupold 18-40x    AA 8.44    34   
Kevin Kunkle    WFTF - PCP    Anschutz 9015    Sighton SIII 10-50    AA 8.44    28   
Leo Gonzales    WFTF - Piston    Walther LGU    Sighton SIII 10-50    JSB 8.4    52   
Ray Apelles    WFTF - Piston    FWB 300S - 640fps    Storey Custom 36    AA 8.44    27   
Diane Michetti    WFTF - Piston    Air Arms TX200 MkIII    Bushnell 8-32x40    AA 8.44    19   
Greg Shirhall    Hunter - PCP    Raw TM1000    Hawke Sidewinder FFP    AA 10.34    43   
Sean McDaniel    Hunter - PCP    Ataman M2S    Hawke ED 10-50x60    JSB 10.34    41   
Craig Evans    Hunter - PCP    Benjamin Marauder    Discovery 4-20x50    JSB 10.34    34   
Glenn Thomas    Hunter - PCP    Daystate Wolverine    Nikko Targetmaster    JSB 10.34    26   
Tom Hall    Hunter - PCP    1720T Pistol    UTG 4-12    AA 8.44    17   
Louis Hopewell    Hunter - PCP    Benjamin Marauder    Discovery 6-24    H&N Sniper Med    10   
Bill Campbell    Hunter - PCP    Benjamin Maximus    4x    CPH    5   
Vasyl Povroznyk    Hunter - Piston    Air Arms TX200 MkIII    Nikko Targetmaster 10-50    AA 8.44    35   
Eric Brewer    Hunter - Piston    Dianna D54    N/A    JSB 8.4    34   



Pistol/10M Match - 40 shots


Name Class Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Sean McDaniel    Hunter - Pistol    Crosman 1720T    Hawke 4-12    JSB 8.44    36   
Glenn Thomas    Hunter - Pistol    Crosman 1720T    UTG 4-12    AA 8.44    26   
Tom Hall    Hands Only Pistol    Crosman 1720T    UTG 4-12    AA 8.44    23   
Leo Gonzales    Hands Only Pistol    Hammerli AP20 Pro    Centerpoint Red Dot    JSB 8.44    19   
Brian VanLiew    10M Rifle    FWB 300 S    Open    JSB 8.44    32   
Ray Apelles    10M Rifle    Diana D75    Open    AA 8.44    30   
Greg Shirhall    10M Rifle    AA 200 TA    Open    AA 8.44    27   
Eric Brewer    10M Rifle    FWB 300    Open    JSB 7.87    25   
Rick Bassett    10M Rifle    Anschutz 8002    Open    CC Wadcutter    21   
Vasyl Povroznyk    10M Rifle    Crosman Frankenstein    Red Dot    CPL    19   
Kevin Kunkle    10M Rifle    Anschutz 2002    Open    AA 8.44    18   
Tom Hall    10M Rifle    Industry B-3    Open    AA 8.44    17   
Bill Campbell    10M Rifle    Stoeger 400E    Open    AA 8.44    10   
John Eroh    10M Rifle/Standing    Crosman Vantage    Open    AA 8.44    6   
Louis Hopewell    10M Rifle    Industry B-3    Open    AA 8.44    1   

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Pat and Greg


Thanks for the match. Shout out to Leo for being my lane shooter. Great day for match and 10 meter rifle was a blast.



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Greg & Pat,

I had fun shooting your match. A special thank you to Sean for bringing and presenting me the 2019 AAFTA WFTF Piston Grand Prix award. I did not believe I won until I got the plaque confirming it. Hope to see you and others at Ray's NY State Match.



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Always a fun time. Thanks Greg and Pat.