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April FT Match at ASC Results

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FT Match Report Arlington Sportsman’s Club 04/24/2021

The April FT match was the largest one, with 25 shooters, since the Republic of Texas Grand Prix in 2017!  Many of our friends are returning to shoot matches with us, but our ranks were swelled this time by students of Professor Bob Pacatte’s Shooting Sports class from Howard Payne University who were competing in the match as their Final Test for the semester.  What an awesome way to be introduced to shooting and what a great Final format!  Thanks Bob for bringing out the students.

With all of the rain we got the night before, I kept this match on the East side of the Archery lanes and used 10 of the 15 lanes with 3 targets per lane including the offhand lane.  There was no kneeling lane this time, and many cheers were heard from those with painful joints!  I decreased the average Troyer this month to 28.6, SD 6.55, Avg Dist 30.6 yds, and Avg KZ 1.10”, but with the high winds during the match, I think the Troyer crept up a little closer to 30.  Once again, Terry painted the targets, then he and Scott put them out on Friday morning.  Thanks for all the help guys.   We got started just a little after 9:30am, there were no cold lines and I believe everyone had fun.  There were only a few complaints about an elephant with a small KZ on the first lane, and that was all that was heard for the day.

At the end of the match, we gathered under the awning to write down the scores and there were many smiles from the slightly higher scores that some shooters achieved.  There was no smile bigger than Paul Kocurek who finished 1st in Hunter PCP and Overall High Score with a 56/58, besting Rick Cuccio from Tulsa with a 51/58 and Dan Rowe with a 49/56 (Dan edged out Dave Cole from Tulsa based on his better performance on the Offhand lane). Jacob Bonner from HPU finished 1st in Fun Rifle with a respectable 23/58 just edging out, Jordan Coronado who finished 2nd with 22/58, and Madeline Dupre’ finished 3rd with 20/58.  I would say that some of Professor Pacatte’s teaching has rubbed off on these students.  Faisal Kahn finished 1st in Hunter Piston with a 48/58.  View the full list of all competitors’ scores and equipment below.

Once again, for all of you that couldn’t make it out this time, I want you to know that we maintain social distancing while shooting and take other precautions to keep everyone safe. If there is anything missing or something that could be improved for an upcoming match, please let me know. I’d like to invite any of you reading this out to shoot and try field target even if you don’t own an air rifle, because we have some to loan you to shoot with. Just let me know ahead of time and we can plan for you to shoot with someone experienced. We’d love to have you join us. We will have our next match the 4th Saturday in May (22nd).


See you at the next match,

Jeff Cloud

Field Target Match Director

Arlington Sportsman’s Club

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