A Personal View of ...

A Personal View of the 2019 Nationals  


Raymond Hawkins
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2019-11-04 11:04:03  

It’s almost been a month and perhaps a long time coming but I did want to take a moment to mention my experience while at the 2019 AAFTA Nationals in Baton Rouge LA.

Most importantly I’d like to use this forum to publicly thank the many people who responded and did what they could to help where they could during my emergency. I also want to oppoligise for the distraction I caused and delaying the match. I truly hate the idea of being the cause of anyone missing a single point.

Unfortunately I have a condition and its happened before but thought things were under control or I wouldn’t have made the trip. I was a long way from home and never felt so helpless in my life. So before I get started I just want to say that there was some damage done but with Gods help and prayer I’m working through it and doing much better.

So with that said please allow me to show some love to the off duty and trained professionals that were on site and credited for keeping my airways open, supplying the needed oxygen and much more prior to the ambulances arrival. Also a big thank you to the clubs staff and officials that used their radios and communications knowledge for a very quick response to this situation. I’m also very appreciative to those who prayed, my friends and the many well wishers I’ve come to know since the incident. I'm sorry I can't recall the names so if someone can fill in the blanks I'd certainly like to know and give them some special praise. I do hate this happened but since it did I couldn’t have picked a better place or group of people.

It was my first time seeing this part of the country and was really enjoying everything. The people there are so friendly, the club and facilities outstanding. Easy to see why this match is so popular and longest lasting. I’ll have to make some changes going forward but will not give up doing something I’ve come to love so much. Hoping to get back there soon.

Lastly, thanks to my friends Jody and Pam Morrison for staying with me and seeing me home and back to my wife.

Raymond Hawkins

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2019-11-05 18:12:24  

   Raymond glad you are doing well. I was glad we had the radios and personnel to handle the situation. Much thanks to everyone. We have incredible members in our club. Special thanks to Pam and Jody for getting you home safely. The things we learned, and this goes to all clubs who host large events, 1) have radios for quick communication, 2) have personnel on hand that can handle a medical emergency, some of us are not getting younger !! Take care my friend and don't forget about the Cajuns in April. It's usually cooler. 

Carey Hymel

President BAC

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