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2021 May 9 Sunday Rockville Fish & Game Club FT match (Vernon, CT) + Match Report

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Match Date: 2021 May 9, Sunday – Field Target Match
Rifle Match - 60 shots - 30 targets – 10 lanes. Average distance approximately under 28 yards all full-sized kill zones. Two shots per target – 6 shots per lane. No timers but 7 minutes max per 6 shots.
The following AAFTA classes and rules will be used:
PCP – Combined Hunter-Unlimited*, Open, WFTF
Piston – Combined WFTF-Open-Unlimited*, Hunter
*Unlimited Class (attached bipods, tripods, range finders are allowed)
9:00 AM Registration/Open Practice (at Police Range – see PDF map attached)
10:00 AM Shooter's Meeting/Match start
Entry fee: $15 Adults, $10 Juniors or RFG members
Must sign a waiver/release of liability form.
Eye protection is required. Face covering is required when 6 feet separation is not possible.
Loaner air rifle available (Benjamin Marauder regulated - Mueller 8-32x44 scope for Hunter PCP class
(shooting sticks included) or Open Class PCP when requested.
Highly recommend bringing your own folding chair and insect repellent.
PCP shooters should bring their own air supply.
Location: 2nd Gate on left, Fish and Game Rd, Vernon, CT 06066
Contact: Leo Gonzales (gonzav71@gmail.com) or Bernie Ducat (bernie_d_2@yahoo.com)

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Sweet. A weekend of FT in the North East. 

Bill Day
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John do you have a address? Thanks, Bill

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There is no street number. Try 65 Fish and Game Rd, Vernon, CT 06066.

Second gate on the left will be open not the first one which is the club house. That will be closed.




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Registration tent and table will be at the open grass parking area.

Practice Sight-in will not be at the police range. It will be at lanes 8 and 10 instead. 3-4 people can shoot at each lane at one time.

Shooter's safety meeting will be at 9:45 am. Match Starts at 10 am.

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Course is setup and ready to go tomorrow morning. 
Please bring your own clip board if possible.

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Rockville Fish & Game Club Field Target Match Report – 2021 May 9 

Location: Fish & Game Rd, Vernon, CT  

Match Site: Woods, slightly uphill, 

Temperature: 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit – Cloudy and windy 

Wind: 5-10 MPH, switching directions 

Number of Targets: 30 (60 points maximum)   
Average Distance: 26.9 yards (5 targets over 40 yards)  
Average Kill Zone: 1.55” (Mix of 1 ½” & 40mm kill zones)   
Course Difficulty: 23.8T with Wind (19.5T - Rated Easy) 
Match Times: 9:00 AM–1:45 PM, Course Takedown 1:45-2:00 PM 
Results/Attendees: (17 shooters total) 


56/60 Chas D – RAW TM1000 – JSB 13.4 grains – Sightron 10-50x60  

55/60 Brian V – FX400 – JSB 10.3 grains – Nikko Stirling 10-50x60 


PCP Unlimited 

53/60 Bartek D – FX Maverick Compact – JSB 14.3 grains - March 1-10×24 



54/60 John E – Thomas – AA 8.4 grains – Sightron 10-50x60 


Piston WFTF 

53/60 Matt S- Weihrauch HW97K – JSB 8.4 grains - March 5-40x56 

(DNC) 56/60 Leo G – Walther LGU - FX 8.4 grains – Sightron 10-50x60 


PCP Hunter 

52/60 Brian P – AA S500 – AA 10.3 grains – Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x 

49/60 Alan E – Air Arms S510 – JSB Express 14.3 grains – UTG 6-24x50 

45/60 Ron C – Daystate Mk4 – AA 10.3 grains – Vortex Diamondback Tactical 

44/60 Geoff S 

39/60 John D 

35/60 Bernie D - Air Venturi Avenger 

23/60 Jay Ortiz – Air Arms S400 

Piston Hunter 

44/60 Brian L – Air Arms TX200 

42/60 Ron D – Air Arms TX200 – JSB 8.4 grains – SWFA 16x42 

28/60 Chris V – Beeman Falcon – Field Line 8.3 grains – Umarex 3-9x40 Mil-Dot 

27/60 Matt S – HW98 – JSB 8.4 grains 



A very big thank you for those who attended Rockville’s first air gun field target match of 2021 in the new woods course. We had 18 people attend the match. We at RFG were glad to see shooters coming from CT, NJ, NH and MA. For COVID-19 compliance, people wore masks when 6 feet separation was not possible. To keep people hydrated, bottled water was available as well. 

For this cloudy day, the wind changed directions and swirled in the woods course.  

This field target match had all full-sized kill zones. Even though it was rated easy via AAFTA’s course planner, the wind made things difficult for people with the longer targets. 

We had limited practice area at lanes 8 and 10 allowing only 4 people at one time to sight in their rifles. At 9:45 am, we ended the practice session and had a shooter’s safety meeting. We paired up novice shooters with experienced shooters and sent them to their assigned lanes. We had the typical one standing and one kneeling lane. We had several cold lines with line swivels breaking and some targets slipping off their bases. We had people shoot targets from near to far. 

We had several lanes intersect other lanes at the far targets. It will make people shoot the wrong target if they are not careful about finding the right target. 

When the last person took their final shot, we started cleaning up the course. With the help of most of the shooters, it took several minutes to gather up the field targets, clamps and strings.

It was an enjoyable day in the woods for both novice and experienced shooters alike.

Next match August 8th Sunday 

Leo Gonzales – FT course planner 
Rockville Fish & Game 

Onedrive link to Videos, Report and Course Planner