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700 FPE…'nuff said.  

Pyramyd Air

If you're the type of airgunner that likes steak with a side of steak, and pours whiskey over their cereal instead of milk, then we've got the airgun for you.

AirForce just introduced a whole lot of bada$$ to their Texan line up – the Texan CF (Carbon Fiber) series. The aluminum tanks on the standard Texans have been swapped out with carbon fiber…making each gun 20% lighter than its counterpart.  But what makes these beasts noteworthy is the knockdown power you get with each shot. With approximately 700 FPE coming out of the LSS and Texan models, these big boys are no joke.

Go big with the new Texan CF series.
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Posted : October 8, 2019 11:26:07