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[Closed] Sadly disappointed in Edgun West and Ed himself  


I apologize for the long post but it is fact-rich and provides the proper context. There is more to the story but I wanted to keep it as short as possible.

I liked Edgun products and owned them, have had reasonable service from Edgun West and had great respect for Eduardo…until now.

The short of it. I recently bought an R5 .25 magnum of the Yellow that was originally purchased new in July. I received the described pristine rifle but I was dismayed-no EDMU (electronic gauge).

I contacted seller, he apologized to not reveal it. I naturally asked if he still had it (I made an assumption)…only to find a most peculiar explanation. He said he was also surprised when he received it without the EDMU, he contacted EGW and was told basically “that is how Ed sent it” and Brian was not willing to do anything about it. To me, this was very peculiar.

I felt there was room here to take it further and request remedy. I did go first to our dealer to confirm (or deny) the explanation. I contacted EGW and was told the exact same peculiar story (Ed sent it that way) and that EGW was not compelled to do anything about it. I stated that I wanted to give him a chance to make it right before going to Ed, as I hung up, I told Brian I would now go to Ed. His response? Well, “Ed won’t answer you.” Again, this was also peculiar.

I contacted Ed by email, clearly and fully explained the above situation and in 2 days he responded.   He agreed with me that it should have gauge but I should go to original buyer to find out why he replaced it with a Wika gauge as it was NOT shipped like that. He was not compelled to bring this gun to original specs since the owner had to have changed it.

I sent another email restating the obvious and chalking it up to a language barrier. Ed responded and said he would speak to EGW. Within a day Ed then wrote that Brian NOW stated that the first buyer ordered the gun without the EDMU…special order! Now the peculiar story has morphed into a whole new tale.

Ed again reverted back to his previous position that he was not compelled to bring a rifle to original specs when the first owner ordered it “special” without the gauge (Of course, if true I would never expect that).

I still wanted to give Ed a chance. Liken it to a complaint about a sleazy Ford dealer to Ford looking for satisfaction-not wanting to “indict” the whole company. I wrote to Ed and stated that before I bring this to the public forum I wanted to know if the above was his final position. (Regardless, I was going to expose EGW’s true colors) Ed surprisingly accused me of blackmailing.

It started about a $90.00 gauge and ended with the sad example of Edgun’s customer service failing when it really counted. Through this process, I have lost all faith in the manufacturer-dealer team to deliver quality and honest service. For this, I have dumped my Edguns as there are too many good dealers with integrity.

Update: 1

Thanks for any and all input...

I guess I just supplied to much information.  Let me simplify:

Edguns are warranted for 1 year from purchase…gun regardless of owner.

EDMU gauge is std. equipment.

I purchased rifle only a few months old.

Std. equipment was not present but just a Wika gauge.

Peculiar story of original buyer from EGW that “Ed sent it that way” needed to be confirmed to exercise request for std. equipment through manufacturer.

(I won’t go into why the original owner did not pursue this but it does not really matter, but I assure you he had a very valid reason)

I sought remedy due to the very same peculiar “Ed sent it that way” story I received from Edgun West.

“Ed sent it that way” morphed into the “customer special ordered it that way.”

Clearly if this was true, the peculiar reason would not have been given to buyer 1 or myself by EGW.

If it was truly ordered that way-and I was told that, why would I pursue this warranty claim?   Of course, I would not.

This has nothing to do with the original buyer or his reasons for omitting it in the description.  It was still under warranty! The gun is under warranty for one year...again, not just for the first buyer.

Example, you buy a used Jeep (still under warranty) and you notice that it has a chevette wheel on it.  You go back to the dealer it was originally bought from and he states that it is how Jeep sent it to him.  Do you have a claim seeing that is still under warranty?  Absolutely.  What if the dealer says he will not provide you with remedy? You ultimately find out that it is precisely what he told the original buyer but he did nothing about it for whatever reason.  You contact Mopar and expect warranty to make you whole.  Mopar communicates with the dealer and the dealer now tells him that you ordered it special...with the chevette wheel.

(to hekk187, if you know how to use the gauge it is a tremendous help in tuning an air rifle, I used it extensively on my Leshiy when I had it.  Most people never learn all that it can do and just use it to read the air pressure...which then it is somewhat of a pain)

Overall, this is not about a $90.00 gauge but integrity.

Update 2 (12/4/2018)

I have received some unfortunate feedback and for the most part confused.  This is my last attempt to make it easy and clear.

Last stage of simplification. Note warranty.  Some info is out of date but not the warranty proper.

Manufacturer: EDgun
Importer: EDgun USA
Distributor: EDgun USA, Talon Airtunes
Warranty: 1 year from purchase/Warranty is transferable, not only the Original Owner
EdGun says:”
No matter who is the owner, the warranty is for the gun not for the definite buyer”
Warranty parts: EDgun (Russia), EDgun USA
Warranty authorized repair service: EDgun USA
Repair Service options (after warranty): EDgun USA

Source: Airgun Nation

The gun was under warranty and that was never refuted (they had not yet been out for a year).

Ed’s position was understandable since he claims he NEVER sent an R5 without an EDMU.

Considering these 2 points, there were only 2 explanations that he based his refusal on.

  1. Go back to the owner and talk with him and ask why he changed it. (He did not)
  2. He must have ordered it that way.(He did not)

Since neither of these things was true, I requested warranty remedy.

Brian at EGW claimed that Ed indeed did send it that way (told to buyer 1 and buyer2). He told buyer1 that because he hid the fact that he gave a good customer a discount and then stripped the gun of the gauge of that value.  He told buyer 2 the same strange story as he had already told buyer 1.

BUT, and it is a big but, when confronted by Ed, he changed his story totally alleging that the customer ordered it special that way.  A perfect example of a fib to cover a fib.

That is the basis of this entire thread.

Posted : December 3, 2018 03:28:40
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